No Joking Matter  

electricbob3 63M
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6/27/2006 7:20 pm
No Joking Matter

One day a missionary was walking an American Indian Tribal Chief around the small town where
he taught and preached in hopes that the Chief would see 'the white-man's way' as superior to
the tribal rituals. As they walked he pointed out certain acts, like the blacksmith hammering
on a red hot horse shoe and said; "he's making shoes for our horses so that they can run like the wind Chief". The Chief looked, and just grunted his disapproval. Next, they came along a
carpenter who was building a home. The missionary pointed at the builder and said, " he builds our homes so that no wind get in to cause us grief." The old Chief just looked and grunted once again. On it went until they came upon a group of trees on the edge of town and entered the quiet shaded area the trees provided. To the missionary's surprise and embarrassment they found two Indians in the act of making love, the man on top of the woman, both unaware of the audience. The missionary hurriedly sputtered, " he's riding a bicycle Chief" and to his horror watched helplessly as the Chief drew his Bow & Arrow and shot the Indian man dead. "Why'd you do that Chief? the missionary asked. " He riding my bicycle" the Chief explained.

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