Let Us Not Talk Falsely Now, The Hour's Getting Late  

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6/26/2006 11:18 pm
Let Us Not Talk Falsely Now, The Hour's Getting Late

That line from Dylan's All Along the watch-tower
glided across my alcohol-dulled mind as the fat,
loud, opinionated guy who'd talked me into this
funk finally got up and left the bar. Thank God,
I'd never heard so many lies and bullshit out of
one person since Watergate.
As I signaled the bartender for another Jack n'Coke someone brushed against me and took the
fat guys bar-stool. I glanced over and found my eyes focus long and hard on one beautiful woman.
Not just, beautiful. She was beyond mere beauty
and had approached Heavenly in all that was her,
at least in the beginning that is. She smile a
stunning smile as she caught my eyes lingering on
her, especially at her legs, ass, breasts, and
hair. I felt a sense of quilt and instant embarrassment having her easily catch me as I did
my 'assessment value' of the obvious pluses she
possessed, a quick-glance rating all men do of women they see or meet. I just as quickly mumbled an apology and drained the glass of 100% whiskey and coke that she insisted on buying for
me. "My name is Reida, Reida Lawson." She said as
I turned facing her and shook the offered hand.
"I'm Morgan, from Dunham, Pouncet, & Gother and no, I don't ever see myself as a full partner, not even a good associate." It sounded like I was
rambling to cover how nervous I felt with this
particular woman.
"Oh, how nice, an attorney who seems outwardly successful but doesn't want anything to do with
actual success." She finished those words with a
heart-lifting giggle and a small shake of her head. We drank in a comfortable silence as we each measured the words spoken in our conversation. She broke the quiet of our end of the bar when she stated; "I'm a prostitute Morgan
and have been for the last 4 years, ever since my
husband left me for a man!" She halted her words as if to give me enough shock time before I replied. "I'm a real hard supporter of prostitutes and wondered if you're working right now, here in the bar?
"Of course I am Morgan. My tricks are getting harder to come by as travels down, less convention area set up, and nobody's buying anything big or expensive." I felt her gently pat
my leg in a reassuring manner as if she expected
me to start wailing and throwing a fit at such news. " So, if you are working can I purchase your time and energies tonight for at least four hours and do you accept Master Card or Visa?" We
both smiled and I barely caught her whispered yes
to me as we headed towards my home, one left-over
from one of my ex's attempts to purchase Identity
amid the money families in this area.
Six hours later we were in the evening traffic as
we made our way out of the city and into the black skies of the country night at 11:10 pm. I was driving and Reida had her head in my lap with
my cock in her mouth and was expertly bringing me
to the brink of cumming time and time again!
We got to the rustic cabin and immediately put
fires together in the central fireplace along with a small bonfire outside in a fire pit next to the rear patio. We shared a bottle of Chardonnay, smoked a joint almost halfway and talked of our lives. It was around 3 am when we finally made it to bed and collapsed into each others arms as if we'd shared this position for
I woke up and she was gone. I guess that she either hitched a ride into the city or called one
of the gypsy cabs that regularly made these long runs. I wish now that we'd exchanged phone numbers and e-mails, it seemed as if we were as
close to a pair as either of us would know. I'd
decided last night with Reida's heart given advice that I was quiting the firm and teaching at the rural school district in an area so mired in poverty that only one in 7 kids made it through high school. Yeah, I'd do something in my life that meant something more than just monetary gain. It felt good, and it felt right,
but now I'm going to drive back to the city and see if Reida plys her trade at the same bar we met. I need some more advice.

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