Irish Sex Survey  

electricbob3 62M
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3/17/2006 6:54 am
Irish Sex Survey

Question: Are you a hetersexual?
Answer from Drunken Irishman: 'Beg yer pardon but
I'm strictly for the lasses and never engaged in
that faggety sort!
Question: Do you like oral?
Answer: I've tried a swig or two up at O'Malley's
Pub but perfer me stout instead!
Q: Have you had sex with multiple partners?
A: 'Tis none of yer business!
Q: Does your lover experience multiple orgasms?
A: I'm not sure, I'm usually gone by then!
Q. Do you masturbate?
A: Never miss a Sunday Mass 'an Father Brennan will vouch fer that!
Q: Do you like pornographic material?
A: Me 'ole pornographic player still spins a lively tune but tis hard to find albums anymore!
Q: Do you enjoy foreplay?
A: 'Tis ruint the sport and causes bookies to set
the games odds to where a man can't afford to bet!
Q: Have you ever been to an orgy?
A: Not since I was a wee lad and me dear sainted
mother and Aunt Margret made me go along!
Q: How many times in a 24 hour period do you have
A: I just have basic cable lass and can't afford
that premium drable!
Q: How old were you when you experienced your 1st
sexual encounter?
A: I was 4 years old and a might curious you could say!

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