Highway 61 Revisited  

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3/20/2006 2:40 am
Highway 61 Revisited

"God said to Abraham I want you to kill me a son,
Abe said God you must be putting me on?
God said Abe you can do what you want, but the
next time you see me coming, you'd better run.
Abe said, so where do you want this killing done?
God said, out there on Highway 61"
By Bob Dylan

Ben and Terry were just a couple of regular guys
that grew up in rural Missouri with normal work
every day parents, close school and church ties,
and stars of their high school football team.
But after their senior year, still working part-
time at the Co-Op and no real jobs in the near
future they'd become road warriors. Each day and
most of the night and as long as their meager funds would last, they cruised around town, the
graveled backroads, drank beer, smoked a joint at
any opportunity, and did a line of meth whenever
one of the many friends who cooked it, brought off a new batch. They never realized that they
were being used as 'meth test dummies' by those
friends and probably wouldn't of cared if they knew it.
They had no goals, objectives, or dreams anymore
and as long as they drove around and stayed high,
all was well in their world.
One Sunday evening just before sunset they were
in Terry's old 1982 Ford Van speeding down Ridge
Road high on meth and into their second 12 pack of Busch Light since noon. Alice in Chains' Man
In The Box was pounding out of the stereo when Ben yelled," Look Ter! Someone's walkin' in the
middle of the road up ahead!"
As Terry squinted to see what Ben had seen because he refused to wear his glasses 'cause they made him look like a geek, or so Ben had told him time and time again, the image of a person finally materialized.
"It's a girl" Ben proclaimed, as if finding a girl walking down a gravel road was truly one hell of a revelation. "Who the hell is it, out
here? There's not a farm or house for at least a
couple miles either way!" Terry asked.
He slowed the van as it neared the young woman to
take in her white dress, white stockings, white
Easter hat with blue and yellow flowers, and a
white purse about as big as a can of Skoal.
"Ask her if she needs a ride, I'll stop" he told
Ben and without comment Ben leaned out the passenger side window and yelled over the noise
made by tires on gravel. "Hey? Do you need a ride
Miss? We can take you into Batesman's 4-Corners
if ya want?"
The van had stopped completely and the woman took
another two or three steps before turning to look
at the questioner. As she did so both Ben and Terry notice than she was beautiful, about 16 or 17 years old, and a complete stranger to them. The white dress did little to hide the fact that
she had all the right bumps and curves in all the right places with very light blond hair, big green eyes, and a smile that 'caused her daddy a
bunch of sleepless nights.
Ben, stunned by the girls beauty heard Terry add,
"We're from Higginsville and I'm Terry and this is my buddy Ben. We can get you there at B's 4-
Corners if ya want but we turn back on 142 and head back.
The girl, whose name was Paula Meade, felt trapped on the side of the road and couldn't bring herself to reply. She'd just fought with her parents after returning from church and had walked out of her Aunt Lillian's house in such a
mad rush that all thoughts of where she was actually walking to, hadn't formulated yet.
Before she could voice her acceptance Ben stepped
from the van with a quickness that even caught
Terry off guard and grabbed Paula and threw her into the open door of the Ford. "What the hell..."Terry said as Paula let out a yelp that quickly turned to a cry of pain as her shin hit the door rail.
Terry was amazed by his friends response to this
lone young woman but he was also feeling a queer
excitement he hadn't felt since him and Bens big
glory days on the gridiron. He heard himself tell
Ben, " push her on in Ben, don't let her run" and
reached across the van to snatch a handfull of
Paula's long blond hair. A shear scream of terror
pierced the air causing both boys to momentirely
loose their holds as well as their nerve before Terry recovered enough of slap Paula across the
face telling her to shut the fuck up or die! All
Paula knew at that moment was that she didn't want to die so that the scream she was about to
produced turned into a whimper and just as suddenly, gasping sobs as the pain from Terry's blow registered. She started to reach her hand up
to feel her lips when she saw the first two drops of blond land on her beautiful white dress.
Then she felt hands all over her slim body, pushing and pulling, lifting and shoving until she landed hard on her right side on the van's un-carpeted floor in back. "Please don't hurt me....." she managed to say before the weight of
one of her captures body landed on top of her, pinning her down. "Here Ben, tie her hands with this bailing wire and I'll get her feet" she heard one of the boys say and as both easily did
their tasks she felt a hand slide up her dress on
the inside of her leg and grasp the edge of her
new white lace panties. She started to plead to
them not to rip her new panties, they were $12.00
and on sale, when she felt them torn from her as
if they were made of paper.
"damn Ben, look at this fine pussy we got here boy!! It don't get any better than this, shit! I
bet Penthouse would pay for pictures of this gal!!"
Hours later Paula thought that she saw a falling
star as she lay in the ravine the two and
murderers had thrown her in but she wasn't sure since she was certain they'd bashed one of her eyes out with a huge rock. She felt it once, dangleling from it's attachment, before shock took over and her body started it's defense mechanism of shutting everything down. She wished
that those boys would die too. She wished that the cops got them. She wished that she'd told her mom and dad she loved them before she walked off.

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