A Suitable Replacement For the Croc Man !!!  

electricbob3 63M
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9/5/2006 2:50 am
A Suitable Replacement For the Croc Man !!!

I've come up with a perfect replacement for the CrocHunter who recently passed away in a tragic accident at sea involving a Sting Ray. My choice
for a new show would be, "Clitoris Hunter-Have Tongue, Will Travel". The daily lickable adventures of mild-mannered sheep herder and author, Mac "Clit" Toris as he saves those deprived women in need with his super-human tongue and eager to please attitude. Faster than
a 4 D-cell Vibrator, Able to Lick To & Fro with a single probe, what's that? Up in the rafters?
It's a bird, it's a plane? It's Clitoris Hunter and he's making the world safe and sane for all by giving women the orgasms they seek. Clitoris Hunter's able assistant and co-worker is Boy-Vibrator, a sleek, long, angled-headed heavy metal fan capable of prolonged stints in the slits of deserving victims of neglect.

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