A Sgolb for The Soul  

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3/6/2006 11:17 pm

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3/7/2006 9:24 pm

A Sgolb for The Soul

I'll be damned! Just turned another year younger and didn't notice until now. Hmmmmm, at this rate
I'm sure to return to the womb before I ever get
tried of tryin' to get as close to it as possible. Women give us the "get out of my vagina " at our birth and then we spend the rest
of our lives tryin' to regain entry-with them still tellin' us to get out! The damnest thing eh? Well, fortunately for us with needs is that
there's plenty of women with those same needs and
our little web site here helps us connect.
It's a real pleasure to hear a fine woman say,
" fuck all this gettin' to know ya crap, lets get
to fuckin' now and we're bound to learn something
about each other along the way"!! Bless her heart
and just so she does become better aware of who
I am I'm gonna have my life's pertinent dates &
events tatooed on my cock. It will be a real live
educational tool you could say and enable her to
broaden her horizons as she drains mine!!
Sure do wish my cock was bigger, but who hasn't
at one time or another because as it stands now
I'll only be able to squeeze the first 20 years of life onto my manhood. Maybe the tatoo artist
could write smaller and squeeze in 7 to 10 more
years? I'll have to ask. Hope this horny gal ain't hard of seeing though, the whole story and
dates would be lost on the blind-as bitch. WAIT!
Braille!! That's it, I'll have it tatooed in
braille so her fingers or tongue can do the talking!!
Hmmmmm, with my luck she'll lack and knowledge of
Braille........but, AUDIO!!! Sure, have a couple
miniature Bose speakers sewn into my balls and hooked up to a small CD player inserted up my friggin' arse so she can listen to the important
moments of my life!!
Fuck THAT!! Well, she knows my name is Fred, and
that's good enough for a wham-bamm afternoon screw and we'll just leave the 'learning about
each other' to the folks too afraid to say,
"lets fuck"!!!! It's gonna be a great birthday, I can tell!!

electricbob3 63M
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3/7/2006 9:24 pm

Why thank you Miss Huny, it's been a very interesting day, I hope to
share with all later!

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