Some Wonderings About The Role Of Romance In This Society  

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12/17/2005 6:29 am

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Some Wonderings About The Role Of Romance In This Society

Hello everyone,

I'm a bleeding heart romantic as well as a bleeding heart liberal--I just as well confess out in the open for everyone to hear!

I am wondering out loud to all the women out there in blog land this: do you any of you-- especially the younger ones in their twenties--enjoy romance anymore; or do any of you even have any desire for it...or would you appreciate a guy that was a born romantic artistic/musical soul making romantic overtures to you? I must admit on this site there seems to be a dirth of romantic people or offers of romance between the genders, if any at all???

One of my favorite romantic/sexual experiences to share with a woman--especially the first time she lets it be known that she is interested in making love to me--is this cool date leading to passionate love making. I have always loved sharing this experience with lovers past, present, and hopefully in the future!!!*keeping my fingers crossed behind my back, lol* So ok here goes one example of a romatic/sexual evening I like doing for a woman.

First off, I start with a light dinner in a romantic setting designed to create an intimate mood. I have candles lit, vanilla and cinnamon incense smoldering, some kind of sensual music playing softly in the background(such as some jazz or electronica), and a tray or serving platter of: italian bread, olive oil for dipping the bread, salami and pastrami, cheeses such as pepperjack and swiss, pepperoccini peppers for zing with the sandwiches, and Gossamer Bay White Zinfandel wine(just smooth and sweet enough with a light aroma and a bit of a bite...hee, hee!).

We sit and hopefully engage in some stimulating conversation, some slow intimate, sensual dancing, and allot of laughs. Next after dinner is finished, if she is accepting, I walk into the bathroom and run a bath for her mixing in milk and honey with rose petals thrown in for color. I light candles and incense in the bathroom also. I walk back into the living room and allow her to choose if she wants to undress herself, or have me accompany her and undress her gently and playfully, and climb into the hot and luxurious concoction inviting me to wash her hair and skin from head to toe to the tips of her fingers. All during dinner, dancing, and bathing no kissing or foreplay is allowed!!!

I towel her dry and she can dawn a robe she brings with her while I go into the bedroom amd light more candles and incense. While I am doing this, she is free to mill about the house anywhere but the bedroom!!! I open the bedroom door and upon finding her, I lead her by the hand into the bedroom. Again, it is her choice whether to drop the robe or leave it on, but she lays down upon the bed and I begin to rub her neck and shoulders(if she chooses to remove her robe, I use warm massage oil of course! LOL!) working my way down her spine to her buttocks. Then I work my way up her spine to thee base of her hair. I lovingly massage and caress her ass and legs down to her toes; then I rub her arms and massage her hands and fingers. If she wants me to caress, knead, and rub her chest, ribs, belly, hips, and the front of her thighs, then I happily oblige.

By this point, if I don't have her in total rapturous bliss, then its time to throw in the towel and stop everything there!!! We can continue hopefully cool conversation, dancing, and laughing the rest of her stay. That's cool too! But if I really bring her into swooning melting passion and lust for me, then she can hold on and enjoy the ride! LOL!

I absolutely love to have the freedom and her passionate aquiesence to ravish her body the rest of the evening in a plethora of creative ways!!! I'm a very creative artistic person, so I see love-making as an art also. Furthermore, that brain hard-wiring in me also makes me very spontaneous and impulsive sometimes, so I like to have the knowledge and freedom I can do to her whatever I may want with passion, lust, sensuality, experimentativeness, and wreckless abandon(with her full cooperation and active and eager participation of course)! I'll ravish her beautiful body, mind, heart, and spirit until she either passes out or cries "uncle" by pounding on the bed!!! Then hopefully we can cuddle and caress and kiss each other and watch the early dawn light creep into the window before passing into deep slumber in each other's arms.

I won't mislead anybody; I have given this experience to all my girlfriends and lovers in different variations. But I'm addicted to it quite frankly! LOL! It is complete bliss and ecstacy for me to have this effect on a lovely woman. This effect where she just surrenders her entire being for both of you to revel in without repressions, inhibitions, or hang-ups tarnishing the spendor and wonder of fully pushing her body's sexual energy and physical capabilities to the utmost limits of ecstatic bliss.

I love this experience.

Do any women out there in AdultFriendFinder land love this type of intensly romantic, sexual, and spiritual experiences also? Or are there ladies that have any interest and desire in experimenting with this type of intimacy with a guy they can trust fully not to hurt them in any physical manner? I'm much more of lover than a fighter!

I very much look forward to hearing from any women on this subject. Please feel free to unload your grievances, complaints, criticisms, fantasies, dreams, opinions, thoughts, feelings, and experiences on this romantic idiot...hee, hee!

Ciao fer now!

Best Wishes


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