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9/8/2006 10:37 pm

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This morning She woke up in the mood. To get crude and rude so to speak. She wanted to use Her new dildo on me. So, after preparing our toys and ropes; She sat on my face for at least 10minutes while i licked her asshole. Then She turned me over and tied me spreadeagle to the mattress. With a wet, dirty pair of Her underwear as a gag tied in my mouth, She began her fun. After amssaging my asshole for a couple of minutes, She lubed me up and began to insert the new toy. The toy is ridged the entire length so it is quite stimulating. It is 24" long, about 3" in diameter, red with tapered ends for ease of penetration. Slowly, She put it in as deep as it would go; almost all of it. She only kept out enough to hold on to. Then the fucking began; on and on She pumped me, so long that She had to start another cd on the stereo and the porno we had started watching ran out. She kept giggling and laughing whil She boofed me,[she really loves to fuck my butt], truely enjoying Her new toy. She then proceeded to a couple of our other toys and had a real good time with those as well. Finally, She decides i may cum; She then proceeds to masturbate me while fucking me very deeply again with the new toy. What an orgasm! Then,obviously, it was time for cleanup and a shower; and then of course a much deserved nap for us both. SO, what did you do for fun today? Would anyone like to play with us? We would both like another woman or two to join. Maybe even the right couple [m/f]. We'l be waiting.

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9/9/2006 6:10 am

Sheesh and I worked Friday!

I gotta get a life!

Welcome to blogville.

Have a great weekend.

May your ass get fucked many times over this weekend!

Teenagers are god's punishment for having sex!!


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