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GeeseAnentLavas 57F
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9/6/2006 1:38 pm

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sexual gratification

Its all about feelings. Most of the time I feel blessed that I have instilled in me (heart mind body and soul) the absolute belief....for me to take on a lover, be a good lover I have to believe in that person, have emotional bond with that person, chemical attraction, good charma etc. etc. Having this for such a person I believe with all honesty has been the reason I feel so sexually intuned to my body have a strong sex drive, multiple orgasims and full body orgasims. OK on the flip side anatomically I dont pms like i hear how most women do....My first signs of pms is I get incredably horny,I dont bloat, I dont get bitchy (if im cramping or hurting i crawl off and isolate myself to avoid any chance of bitchy), Im like clockwork, couple of days strong, I have a good ammount of testosterone that gives me a healthy sex drive; the awsome orgasims i have also drives my sex drive. The down side.....sexual intimacy is so valuable, and respected and not taken ever to lightly by me my high set of standards/expectations/morals coupled with ultimate mind meld/passion and intence orgasims also creates such a devastating lonesome bummer. What I want and what I dont have...a relationship. Being single just bites. I would love to have and I would give my world or leave my world behind for that one special person. I know theres supposed to be a someone for everyone and i dread that somehow Im in the wrong place hindering my finding. The thought of such finding....mmmm my luck id scare him off so fast just because id want to love on him head to toe his "members" and all so much and often be flying with my own orgasims! To think I could intimidate anyone sexually? Finding someone whom you want to please sexually 1st and being fortunate to actually have the oppertunity to do so I believe only opens the doors to creative, energetic, romantic, and satisfing sex. I wanna rock someones world and I want that person to rock my world.
Sincerely Sindy > ---------------------------------------------------.

rm_onmyway39503 58M

9/6/2006 4:27 pm

AWESOME Woman to be so very Honest!

rm_tanman0362 56M

9/6/2006 5:34 pm

I cannot believe that you are still out there. Honest and beautiful both inside and out. Still would love to meet you. I have turned my profile off as I am tired of the SOS. I don't know since I haven't paid on here lately if you will even get this response but my email address is .. Drop me a line and let me get to know this wonderful human being. This is what is attached to my work email and hold true for life.

Life is not counted by the breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away! I have a strange feeling that you would be one of those moments.

rm_mike30145 54M
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9/6/2006 5:40 pm

Thanks for being so open. I am glad I read your blog and I couldn't agree more. I found that type of lady once earlier in life and I hope to find her again soon. Maybe she's closer than I know.

joncards 64M  
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9/6/2006 6:56 pm

Always be honest (with yourself and about yourself). It may not seem like it now but, it will always serve you well...

riledup4u 54M

9/7/2006 12:10 pm

u have an amazing perspective and u seem so graceful in your pic

rm_gofasttxn 63M
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9/7/2006 1:37 pm

Truly honest and well spoken. Lady is deep and devoted to life and her mate. Companionship, love and values are her ambitions...Great chance she will fulfill those ambition too. dJ

rm_klitlicker53 64M
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9/8/2006 8:46 pm

A heartfelt feeling.True romantic.That feeling that we all had in our first relationships.If only we could all find that feeling again for the rest of our lives. What a wonderful world it would be.

rm_Razz1493 54M

9/10/2006 6:12 am

Very honest and very truthful. I believe as we get older, it gets incredibly harder to find just the person you describe. There are so many people that want what you are offering. I would love to be the person that recieves that from you. I am sure you have heard this before, but I do have alot to offer someone if given the chance. Lets talk some time.


rm_gofasttxn 63M
20 posts
9/10/2006 5:43 pm

Again I...
Send out a very tender rub and a soft kiss, where I made sensitive by an out of line spanking . dJ

riledup4u 54M

9/11/2006 10:39 am

im in san antonio this week, interested, i see that u winked me, email me

rm_justme1149 59M

9/11/2006 4:08 pm

It would be really nice to actually meet you sometime - to see you as more than a nice set of pixels on my screen. I may be the one you are waiting for - then again maybe not - but neither of us can rally know until we have met in person. Maybe coffee sometime?

SuingNobelHindi 66M

9/11/2006 5:07 pm

Sooooo....Sindy, I can testify that you do rock are an incredible sexual woman and I know that the perfect relationship you seek will become real..and...I know that it will be all you wish for and everlasting...because you'll be part of it....Hope you are well, and still think of me occasionally.........

howaboutahuck 67M
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9/12/2006 2:33 pm

Hi, Sindy
It's nice to see you here in blog ville. I'm looking for that one special person also. When we least expect it they will pop into our life's and complete our existence.


wildmanthing1983 34M

9/19/2006 3:14 pm

Hey sound real intresting, message me if your intrested in meeting sometime!

rm_imascot 57M
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10/3/2006 7:52 am

Hi Syndy! You're profile is one of the reason's I am here! Once I saw that fantastic figure, I had to join to see more. Then I got to read you're profile and it blew me away. I haven't been able to get you out of my mind since. I didn't think I'ld ever come accross someone like you on AdultFriendFinder. I'm going to send additional info. and pic's. Thanks for being here, Scott.

big_gonz0 64M
9 posts
11/9/2006 8:33 pm

what passion.. i am drawn to you even more.

treborZ1000 61M
18 posts
11/22/2006 2:49 am

You are open and honest, what man wouldn't want you. I do. I would like to show you first hand what a gentleman I am . Unfortunately, you seem more content gathering these opinions and collecting willing gents to join your network. With over a thousand in your network, how could you possibly remember me??

InquisitiveSoul 53M
8 posts
11/29/2006 4:47 pm

Is your blog honesty or is it 'the ideal' of honesty? Do we search for what we want, yet turn away from it when we find it? Yes, we've chatted before and found ourselves to be kindred spirits, but then we held back from that which we seek!

Sindy is a smart, intellectual, thoughtful woman who stirs the erotic in us all.


rm_cowboysok2 64M

12/25/2006 2:21 pm

Sindy: Knowing what you want and going after what you want have to come together at some point. Your dreams and desires for a meaningful relationship are nor unlike many of us out here. I am new to AdultFriendFinder and your profile intrigues me greatly. I hope you will go to my profile and see if there is anything about it that might interest you. If not, well I wish you the best in your search for true happiness.

Sugar_Daddy2u 68M  
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12/25/2006 3:52 pm

Hello Sindy! I have read your profile and your post and you are a very sincere and honest person. Your profile prevents me from sending you and E-mail as I am 56. So I will respond thru this post. I would like to meet you. We are both looking for a friend, a companion, and a lover. Read my profile and if your interested send me an E-mail.
I have other photos available at your request.

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