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3/10/2005 8:05 am

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dreaming of a hot lustfull night,it's summer,the kids r away.it's just me and my husband.he comes home from work ,has his dinner and watches a little tv,it's really hot in our place,airconditonar not working,so he decides to take a shower,as i sat in the chair i decided to go and join him,i open up the curtain to his surprise,i seen him all lathered up and hard,i get in and my hand reaches for his hard cock,just stroking him as his head leans back as the water falls on it,down his chest,looking so erotic.in return he suds me up,caressing my tits,alllathered up as his hands make it down to my wet pussy,as he starts to finger me,i start to squirm and gasp and moan with pleasure.before i know it,he turns me around and bend me over and enters me,as i try to grab anything to hold me up,the first thrust was so intensed i cam,and he fuck me for awhile like that,each thrust going faster and faster,then we decided to go to the bed room,only to make it in the hall,he pushes me up the wall holding my arms up and kissing my neck and breast,again he penatraits me again,holding me up against the wall,and i couldn't move,he fuck the hell out of me,we were sweating like crazy,finally we moved into the bedroom,he lays me down to start to lick my pussy,he teases me with his tounge,as he moves back up and tease again with his cock before entering me ,i scream with pleasure,begging for deeper and hardder,telling him not to stop,thrusting more powerful,cumming each time,before he pulls out and cums all over my face and chest.....dreaming of a summer night!!!!

rm_Emmett69wU 58M

3/10/2005 9:44 am

Ahhhh, a hot nite indeed...nice. --- Emmett

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