Don't know what to say  

edmndcpl 45M/43F
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7/25/2006 5:29 am

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8/11/2007 2:48 pm

Don't know what to say

When we got into this we were very excited. At this point I don't think we even care anymore. It has become a chore to even come to the site. I wonder if many of the people who show interest are real. Sometimes things are going very well and suddenly it just dies off. We have met some nice people and some assholes. I suppose the indifference is what is really getting to me. Maybe if we were Ken and Barbie things would be different. That isn't what's important to us but we are just strange I guess.

GraspCrownRusts 47M
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7/25/2006 1:34 pm

I've met some friends and I've met some jerks on here. It's kinda like life sometimes - gotta sort through the BS to find out what's the truth.

Sometimes it's work and seems pointless, I agree, but sometimes it's fun as well. It is what you make of it, I guess.

If I gauged my success by the amount of people I have had physical, sexual contact with through this site, then I would be a miserable failure.

On the other hand, if I gauged my success by the amount of friends I have met and shared a laugh with or the lives I have personally touched or encouraged to the best of my ability, then I would hope to say I have been reasonably successful.

The friends I've met are the best - wouldn't trade them for what was behind "Door Number 2".

I hope for you that someday you will be able to say the same thing.

Good luck,

rm_hotriders66 51M/48F

8/27/2006 4:34 pm

we were very excited when we started this. there is times when it gets to be boring. the nerve of some of these people on what they say is amazing. the more you look the more you realize that some are just wanted to build their network or just chat. who in the hell just wants to chat!!.. this is a sex sight, which means get all the sex you can!..
don't get me wrong there is some real nice and serious ones that get back and want to get together.
but, it becomes fun to see what people will say to get you to meet them and have sex.
that's not what is important all the time, give others a chance and then you can judge all you want on their appearance...
just because we are not Ken and Barbie doesn't mean that we can't please others. that's when it becomes material wise and sexual becomes 2nd in line.

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