not bad for a start  

edinma 49M
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3/18/2005 11:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

not bad for a start

created a blog in the midnight, and waked up this morning, and get in again. found already got 9 views.

Not so much, but not bad for a start. right? Maybe the first blog was too short, no any comments yet. But it will come more, all depends the mood, right?

feel lonely recently, and looking for a change. Just want to try to free myself and try to come in this world and try to do what I have dreamed before, try to get my sex fantasy into real.

After looking around, the ratio is unbalanced, as I expected. Still not sure what kind of photo I will upload. So, keep thinking now.

Or I am still too shy to open myself??

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