So, we're looking for and wanting more Sex?  

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9/12/2006 12:59 pm
So, we're looking for and wanting more Sex?

Fact or fiction, to heck with that how about some friction?

I believe the reason there is so much divorce in the world today is because we marry the wrong person too soon and too young?

The other day my wife walked in the bathroom while I was taking a shower, I asked her to climb in and she said no time I'm late for work!

To heck with work I'm clean I'm hard and tired of waiting, get your butt in here or I'll shag the first woman I see today when I leave this house and it will be your fault!

She left the bath I finished my shower jerked off and as I was walking out the door of our apartment I saw a friends wife walking down the hall with a strut that looked like it was looking for some hot action so, risking who knows what? I said "you look like I feel" what's that mean she asked, "all ready for a good shag and no one to shag with" I must have said something she liked because she smiled and said he's gone for the whole next week! I stopped to help her with her laundry basket and followed her to her door where she fumbled with her key got the door open as I stepped in she dropped to her knees said I'm gonna swallow you whole and she darn near did!

After a bit she swallowed a load and laid back while I licked her every where she wanted. She came I came again, she came again I looked at the clock and it was 11:05 and I was officially late for my meeting with the city planning commission,
I quickly called my assistant had her make my normal bullshoot apology and we showered again this time together in which she showed me how a real woman swallows, and swallows, and swallows!

Went to the office by 3:00 left at 5:00 got home at 6:00 dinner at 7:00 bed by 10:00 wife asked if she could make up for the morning sure but you're doing all the work I say; in which she promtly says to hell with that I want you to do me the way you did Sara! I'll teach you to shag the neighbors wives around here. In which she promptly swallowed me almost whole what a night what woman!How did you know I asked? Really Sara told Jean, Jean told Bella and you know Bella likes me enough to tell me while she was giving me a ggod lickin that just kept on tickin!

I guess I better come clean to Sara's hubby huh? Don't bother Jean does him all the time, by the way Jean says she wants a little shaggin now and then if I don't mind!

Well? Well what? Do you mind not really, just this time remember to get to your meetings on time!

Like I said marry too soon and too young? Not us we know what we likes and we knows what we need Sex and More Sex not necessarily with each other!

Have fun you all! Remember if you can't put your mouth to it? Best not to put anything to it!

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