mom's best friend donna  

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4/6/2006 9:31 am
mom's best friend donna

well this post starts after i found out mom was pregnant. i was taking classes at the local community college and working to help support us. mom was really starting to be in a lot of pain. and the dr told her to get a lot of bed rest. so after a few months of no sex. i was beginning to go crazy. donna my mother's best friend came over quite a bit to help her clean house. and have somebody to lean on. as i was sure mom was really terrified carrying her own son's child. i never even thought about that mom had confide in donna. about who the father was. but one day while mom was asleep i was sitting at the kitchen table and donna was washing some dishes. she said i guess your excited about your mom having a baby. i said yes it will be nice to have a little brother or sister. she looked at me and said or a son or daughter. my mouth almost fell to the floor. i said you know. she said honey your mom tells me everything. don't worry your secret is safe with me. she said so how you holding up not getting any. i said well i am getting tired of jerking off. she laughed i can amigine she said. i told her i really need to get laid. she said well your in luck hubby is out of town for a week. if you want to fuck me. i said wow your kidding right. she said baby i never kid about sex. she walked over to me and put her arms around me. and sat on my lap. we kissed and she started gyrating on my cock thru my pants. i felt her breast and took them in to my mouth. they were not s big as mom's but they were still a good size. she threw back her head and moaned as i sucked them hard. she said lets go to bed. so we went to the guest room on the other end of the house. so mom would not hear us. we tore at each other's clothes. and jumped into bed and started kissing and touching . she had the firmest ass to fuck i ever saw. i started eating her and it was't long she was up in my face cumming hard. she said it's my turn now tiger and went to sucking my dick. she stroked with one hand while licking the head and biting me gently all of a sudden i felt her shudder and she was coming again. then i lost my load and she drank and drank from my spout. we lay in each other's arms. and kissed and played some more. as she worked to get my cock hard again. it did not take me long to recharge. and she spread those cute little pussy lips. and i shoved my meat down her love canal. god it was slippery and wet. i ramed it in and out she started hollering fuck me you bastard. fuck me like you did you mom. god give me that cock. finally i hollered oh god baby im going to cum. and shot a load into her womb. we lay there for a while and she went to look in on mom who was still asleep. then came back to me and we fucked some more. every day she came over we fucked and sucked. and even when her hubby came home she would come over while he was at work. help mom and then fuck me. about a month later she was back in the kitchen cleaning up our mess again. and was on the phone making an appointment with her doctor. i asked her if something is wrong she said no im just a little pregnant. i said wow your hubby must be thrilled she laughed he is. but it isn't his it's yours. i said oh no here i go again. she laughed said well it's alright he thinks it's his.
well she gave birth to my first daughter so both my kids live next door to each other am i good or what.

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