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10/31/2005 10:31 pm

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Back in town

Well, I arrived back in town a few hours ago, and I wanted to get back into the routine of posting before too long.

The trip started out very rocky. I missed my flight by ONE MINUTE. All cause the lights on the roads weren't in my favor. So I had to hot foot it to La guardia (1 hour trip) to pick up another flight. All in all, I lost about 3 hours of trip time.

The Closing went well, and my hand didn't cramp from all the signing I had to do. Outside of those few hours of work, the rest turned out to be all play time.

And boy did we play. We couldn't get enough of each other. We tried a few things in the bedroom we haven't before, which was pretty exciting. But I don't think she was as excited as when we were in the mobie theater watching the Brothers Grimm, with my hand down her pants massaging and flicking her down there. She got so into it, was humping my hand and letting out heavy pants. Thankfully, the theater only had a few people in, and noone immediately in front or behind us. However, we were by a aisle, and in line of sight of us was couple. Because of that, she was dissapointed, cause she wanted to return the favor orally. Ahh well, next time.

We were going to head out for drinks and dancing, but the one night we could, was a sunday, and nothing happens where we are on Sunday night. So we just dressed up real nice and went for dinner. We hand more fun taking off the clothes afterwards.

Well next time.

Random Song Lyrics:

"Try for the right kind of life
I only wish that you'd had a chance to decide
Have a look around you there's no-one there
How can you call this fair

We're coming in from the cold
And everybody's searching for someone to hold
Have a look around you there's no-one there
How can you call this fair"

- Coming in from the cold

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