Last Man Standing  

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8/9/2006 2:27 pm

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Last Man Standing

I'm starting to gather stuff for our week long, Absolutely No-Sex Intimacy Workshop in St. Maarten. (Don't ask me. I don't get it either!) We leave Friday.

For those who haven't picked up details from earlier posts, D (wife) and I are in a 4 year Energy Healing program together. This workshop is a precursor to Year 3 and our hospital-based internship. According to every person I've spoken to in the classes ahead of us, this is the most life-changing piece of a program that we have already found life-changing to an extreme.

A pretty big whoop for most of my classmates, but for me, through an unusual turn of events, I now find myself the only man left in a group of 42 women. 1/3 of these are my own classmates, with whom I have as close and intimate a relationship as I have had with anyone of either gender (Yes, there is such a thing as Platonic Love and, no, it isn't a booby prize for when you don't get laid!) Half of D's class knows me through her (that's both good and bad...). The other half of D's class is students being merged in from a two-year program who want to continue on, and the last class is largely an unknown entity.

Rooming was non-co-ed, and D and I were not allowed to stay together ("Guys, if you're gonna do that, you might as well stay home..."). Since I'm the last man standing, they've had to make allowances for housing me. My roommates, all from my class, include a lovely, large woman mid 50's and never married (very sweet and mild-mannered), an early 50's woman whose alcoholic husband died last year(also somewhat large; absolutely hilarious sense of humor), and a 29 year old part-time model, who has been in a semi-committed relationship for about two years (extremely bright, understandably seductive and self-aware enough to understand that her physical beauty is both an asset and a curse...)

Since none was expecting to room with a guy at all, I thought it only fair that I disclose that D and I had re-written our marriage vows to allow an open relationship. I figured they had a right to know where my boundaries lie before we started sharing a bathroom. They were fine with the whole thing, as long as I put the seat up and down as appropriate.

They were never much cause for concern, nor are the rest of my immediate classmates. But when I started this program, I (and the other men) found I was a lightning rod for every little past conflict any woman had had with any man from her father on up. Sheesh! That first year was brutal! (I can't say I got much sympathy from my lesbian teacher either...)

I suspect I'm going to going to have to re-live some of that experience again with all these new women, and there may already be some attitudes about me among D's classmates as we've each discussed our marital challenges over the years in our respective classes. My challenge will be to pass through this gauntlet with an open heart and a lack of defense or judgment.

I'd better stop blogging and go check out dive shops in St. Maarten. There's no place to buy diving gear in Taos, and something tells me I might want to do a bunch of snorkeling. Sharks aren't all that dangerous, are they? That, plus I went to Mall-Wart and picked up some action figures so I'll have a posse of sorts. (Yeah, I'll do nude shots for all you pervs -- some day. In themeantime, I hope the observant amopng you recognize the cop's hat from Magnificent Seven. And doesn't the fireman in yellow look exactly like Mark Harmon? What a hoot!)

I'm sure I'll be on before I take off, but start your positive imaging for me now, will ya?

CB_2 52F

8/9/2006 2:51 pm

earth, Hope you and D have a great time and really grow from this. Gosh, you'll easily be the most grown-up person I know by then!

Do tell us all when you get back. I'm fascinated.

CB2 (guess you'll probably have to read my new story before you go, as I doubt it will be allowed while you're there!)

Blogito ergo sum.

bipolybabe 56F

8/9/2006 7:30 pm

Looking forward to hearing more!

Happy snorkeling,



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mycin62 56F

8/9/2006 10:15 pm

OK, I came in late to your blog. What kind of energy healing program? It sounds interesting!

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