So Risky  

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So Risky

A risky idea from Tia

Place: BO 18 Night Club ‒ Downtown Beirut
Time: Wednesday Ladies Night

“What shall I wear?” Tia shouted through her bedroom door to her friend Maya sitting in the living room.

“The black mini skirt and the see-through shirt, you were so sexy last time you wore these” Maya replied while checking the messages on her mobile phone.


The taxi was waiting for the girls and it was a long way from Rabieh to downtown Beirut. The girls were chatting and giggling, till Maya whispered something into Tia’s ear so that the driver wouldn’t hear.

“You what, are you kidding” Tia amazed yet a big smile on her face

“I thought I’ll give it a try, nothing to loose” Maya said, blushing a little bit

“But it is not fair that you do that and I don’t” as Tia said that, she raised her hips from the seat and slipped her red panties and tucked them into her purse.

“Mmmm, now I feel a little bit naughty” Tia whispered into Maya’s ear and giggled


The music was loud, and the dance floor was almost full. Tia and Maya sat on the table reserved for them, waiting for their friends. After some time Maya went to get the drinks and Tia was enjoying the wild atmosphere at the club. At the table across, Tia noticed a very handsome guy who seems to be hanging out with his friends. From the beginning of the night she was feeling naughty, so she sat with her legs a little bit open giving a hint of her bare pussy.

Tia caught his attention and now she can feel his eyes on her. She opened her legs a little bit more, and she was now sure that if he stared enough he can now see her sexy love spot.

Soon Maya came with the drinks, and Tia smiled innocently.

“What…why are you smiling like that naughty girl” Maya asked
“I have some special plans of mine…” Tia replied with a grin on her face

The guy from the table across came towards Tia and just brushed his shoulder against her shoulder, then disappeared into the dance floor. Tia knew what to do, so she followed him. While searching for the handsome guy among the dancing crowd, she feels two hands grabbing her from behind. It was him, the handsome stranger, and it seems that the fun has just started.

Tia and her new admirer never spoke, but just danced, gazed into each others eyes and smiled. Their bodies spoke for them; Tia was dancing so seductively, pressing her body to his sexy muscular body.

The dance was normal at the beginning, but soon it was becoming hotter and hotter. They attracted like magnets, and once touching they could feel the erotic flames. Tia can see her effect on him as she rubs her sexy ass against his groin, and she could feel his hardness…mmm…she liked the effect she has on him.

She danced with her back to him, rubbing her ass wildly against his hardness. She can feel his strong hands roaming her body.…mmmm…. She can feel her pussy getting very wet…. The thought of flirting wildly with a stranger made her feel very naughty… she closed her eyes, danced, and enjoyed the very erotic moments she was having…. Mmmmmm

“ahhhhh….” She moaned as she felt his finger slips under her skirt and touches her wet pussy; the music was so loud that no one noticed her moan…

She didn’t believe she was being fingered by a handsome stranger on the dance floor, as she danced seductively and wildly. Tia also noticed that a couple dancing very near to them were now looking in their direction more frequently and smile….mmmm… maybe they sensed what was going on, but Tia didn’t want to stop at no expense….

“mmmmmm….” Another moan escaped Tia lips

It was the first time she hears his voice…

Very intoxicating…

“I want you…mmmm…” he spoke those words and winked at her to follow him

She can feel her pussy very very wet, so she followed him. He was waiting for her at the men’s restroom door and signaled for her to follow inside.

Once inside a cabin, she grabbed his penis through the pants, she could feel that it was sooo hard… mmmm …. she unbuckled his pants and slid his underpants ….. ohhh myy… she wanted him badly….but for one moment she thought that it was too risky, anyone could hear them… but no, she wouldn’t stop…. She wanted to feel him inside…she wanted to a naughty girl tonight…..mmmm

With her back to the wall, he lowered his body and…..

“ohhhhhhhh…..” she moaned in a low voice as his hard penis touched her pussy.

Her pussy was very wett and soon she could feel the full length on his hard penis inside her…. She was getting very horny…mmmmm…sliding in and out slowly, was giving her the most erotic sensation….


Feeling her pussy treated by his hard penis in a risky place felt so eroticaly different…. He was pumping her faster and she can feel her juices dripping on her thighs…very wet …. Amazingly horny and sexy…. Faster…. Mmmmm…

They hear the toilet’s door open, but he didn’t stop; he just covered her mouth with his hands….but still feeling the very inside of her…enjoying her wetness….and getting the most erotic experience with the sexiest girl he has every seen. When the person who came in left, Tia let out a loud moan….

“Ahhhhhhh….ohhh yessss…ohh yess…faster….”

Now they were having the wildest sex…very horny.….ohhhhh yessss…. His penis was harder than ever before, and her pussy was wetter than she could remember.

“ohhh yess….ahhhhhhh…yesss..yesss….yeahhhhhh” and they both came together……
“yess…yesss….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she can feel him cumming inside her…ohhh myy

It was one of the longest orgasms she has ever experienced…. And it was wonderful….

5.00 am
Road to Rabieh

“so where have you been all the time, haven’t seen you much tonight” Maya asked

“my special plans came to reality….” Tia replied with a mischievous smile on her face.

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6/12/2006 8:51 am

Nice stranger scenario........very hot!
Blog on!

The Shameless One

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6/12/2006 2:11 pm

Superb ePleasurez, and great idea Tia

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8/21/2006 3:52 pm

it's s great idea and very hot story

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