Sex In The Swimming Pool!!  

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6/9/2006 12:49 am

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Sex In The Swimming Pool!!

This is a real story…

It happened on a sunny Saturday of June…

Place: Laguava Beach Resort…

My girlfriend and I decided to spend that Saturday on the beach. The weather was very nice, and the resort was not overcrowded as it is the case on Sundays. We spent some time lying lazily under the hot sun, kissing from time to time, and as usual she liked to tickle me. Then we decided to take a dip in the pool, and it was really fresh.

Even with people around us in the pool, we couldn’t but kiss. My hands couldn’t but feel her body, and her hands couldn’t but feel mine. Since no one saw my hand under water, I slipped it into her bottoms, and I can see the mischievous smile on her face. As my hand touched her clit, she moaned in a very low voice which encouraged me more. I was getting aroused by the situation, and no doubt she was getting excited too. I can feel my penis getting alert with calls to get free from my swim suit. As if my girlfriend read my thoughts, I felt her hand slip to grab my hard penis, fondle him for a little time, and then free him to the open water. The sensation was magnificent, and which makes it more arousing the fact that you might get caught at some stage (I know, it can also be very embarrassing). To be fair with her, I stretch her bottoms to the side and now her pussy can feel the fresh water. For one time, I couldn’t imagine that I can feel her wetness in the water, but amazingly I found out that a woman’s juices do not mix with water and in fact it is a little bit viscous. This was good news, as she can now feel two fingers sliding inside her softness; it was obvious to me that the sensation was making her wild. As this wild action was taking place under the water, we tried to compose ourselves above the water and act normal, but I guess if anyone was watching us, he/she can more or less figure out from our body movements that something naughty is going on.

Now it was her turn to surprise me, as she is grabbing my hard penis exposed under the water, she lifts her body and wraps her legs around me and…mmmm…. I can feel her pussy touching my penis now…. It was the most erotic sensation…in the pool with people few meters away… looking into the water we could see them kissing and touching each other…mmmm…. As if this was not wild enough for us, with a swift motion she raises her hips and I guide my penis deep into her…. Wow… I can really feel her wetness….ohhhhh, it was amazingggggggggggggg…..with my hands grabbing her lower body and her hands grabbing my shoulders, she was slowly moving her hips in the most erotic dance and now I can feel my penis sliding in and out giving us a sensation we have never felt before….mmmmmm….. she tried to move her hips faster, but I thought it was tooo obvious now… but of course we couldn’t stop….ahhhh

I see one of the life guards approaching us….oops, so we immediately stop but I didn’t have the time to withdraw from inside her. Lol….He said “Am sorry, but there are children in the pool…so if you please….” , then he continued “ you can be more comfortable at the beach if you wish…”. We both looked at him and smiled…I don’t know if we blushed or if it was the sun tan . Lying under the sun, we were both laughing and surprised by what we just did.

Mervatt 37F
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6/10/2006 5:04 am

I think I will try that some day . Like it very much.

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