Sensual Massage  

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Sensual Massage

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Lina, a business woman, arrived to her hotel room after a long and tiring flight from Beirut to Florida. Her job was very demanding and she was always traveling, which kept her most of the time away from her boyfriend. While arranging her things, she noticed a brochure on the table which said something about a special sensual massage. She needed that badly, so she called and took an appointment which she asked to be in her hotel room.

As the hot water was splashing her curvy body, she heard a knock on the door. Oops, that must be her masseur!!

“Please come in, the door is open…” shouting so that he can hear her.
“Sorry Ms. Lina, shall I come later …”
“No I’ll be ready in five minutes…”

With a towel rapped on her fresh naked body, Lina greeted her masseur Joe. Soon she can feel his strong hands on her back as the nice aroma of the massaging oil was filling the room. Candles that were lighting the room now, and a soft background music was playing; a specialty that Joe offered in his message.

Lina felt that she was in another world, Joe massaging every muscle on her back. Although a towel covered her naked butt, Lina felt a little bit aroused by the idea and now she can feel her pussy getting sensitive. Unconsciously, she was trying to rub her softness against the bed sheet but as soon as she realized what she was doing, she immediately stopped. Joe smiled, as it was obvious to him what was Lina trying to do…hmmm. His firm hands were now on her legs, from the toes up… with his hands on her lower thighs, a little moan escapes from Lina…mmmmm. Joe didn’t say anything, but his hands were now roaming higher sliding a little bit under the towel. With this Lina got alert and thought if she has to stop this, but then she decided not to. She was enjoying her time and she didn’t want this to end….mmm. This wasn’t the first time she has a massage, but Joe seemed to have a sensual effect on her. Soon she can feel her pussy getting very wet, and naturally she opened her legs a little bit apart. Joe was now few centimeters from her very wet pussy, but now since Lina didn’t object… he brushed his finger slightly against the outer lips of her dripping pussy….

“hmmmmmmmmm….ahh” Lina couldn’t suppress her moans

Amazingly, Joe didn’t say anything and was acting very professionally; his fingers were brushing her pussy more frequently. He can see how wet she was….mmmm. One finger slides against her softness and then inside her….she was very hot. Ahhhh…She didn’t experience this sensation from a long time and she didn’t wish to stop by any means. His finger inside her was arousing her much, and now that his thumb was massaging her clit was taking her to the verge of a big orgasm…ahhh… she was very sensitive to his touches that she was moaning loudly not embarrassed by his presence anymore…ohhh myyyy….her legs wide open… her hips moving to increase the sensation… his fingers rubbing her softness faster and faster…. Mmmm…. Sliding ….ohhhh…touching her very private …ahhhh…. Faster….ohhh myy…his fingers withdraw and his tongue…ahhhh ahhhhh… his tongue was licking her now…. Mmmmm…. Ahhh…with this she feels an extreme sensation rushing through her body…. Cummmmmmmmmmingggggggggg…. Ahhhh……ohhhh ….hmmmmmmm…… licking her……she couldn’t believe that….she can feel her sweet juices flowing……….ohhh yesssssssssss……..yessss

Lina wakes up next morning with the sun shining her naked body, she can still feel the sensation from last night. As she sips her coffee, she savors every moment. She dresses up after having a hot shower, going to work with a very big smile on her cute face.

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6/3/2006 8:57 am

Very erotic!

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