What really makes a dyna kitty wet?  

dynakitty 48F
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6/30/2006 7:58 am

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7/27/2007 4:37 pm

What really makes a dyna kitty wet?

Hmmm, Ok all the average every day things that are all part of a good man turn me on, like honesty, communication etc. All the stuff us women require for THAT kind of relationship....the kind you get all warm and fuzzy over.
Now onto the good stuff. I am a bit bi-curious, but I don't know how I feel about that for sure, so this blog is about 100% red blooded, prime cut male. Men, damn....I wish there were more of the good ones out there in that aspect. It's not really appropriate to go grab a package, pick their brains for 5 minutes and walk off because he wasn't up to snuff. So how do you find the good ones, without appearing rude because I want to know the size of your unit, and how well you know how to operate it? I don't know, but maybe writing in here will help encourage a few.
So here's the deal. First and foremost, a man on a harley turns me on...and not a RUB, or a weekend warrior. A man that rides, and rides hard and often, not afraid of the rain. A biker, not a motorcycle enthusiast. I ride myself, and I'm not a wanna girl who rides a harley...I am a biker chick for going on 20 years. So I guess I prefer a bit more of a blue collar type of guy. Physical attributes...I prefer long hair, and nothing is better than a nice ass in perfectly fitting levis. I like a man taller and a bit bigger than me. Don't have to have a buff bod, but fit is good. The way my female parts are designed,...size does matter, but I don't have a particular size limit. Do women really do that? Someone told me we did have a size limit.
Need to be talented with fingers, cock and tongue. It really turns me on that you can write, as well as you can speak, and you can fuck, as well as you can dance. It turns me on that you work with your hands, and can wrench on your own bike...but you also know when it's time to go clean the grease under your nails, so you can do some serious manipulating on me. I am turned on by things in common...like bikes, taste in food, music...choice of adventure, etc. I also wonder what it is like with a man with a pierced tongue, or cock. I know I enjoy my own piercings!
I am turned on by someone who I can tell anything to, and who is able to pull the stuff out of me that I don't necessarily want to give up so easy. You are able to be pretty open in expressing your own needs and desires. You are open to exploring those, and quite frequently.
I have some pretty high standards, especially for a "relationship" These attributes are not all necessary to make me hot. I am torn between maybe I have set my standards too high, or I want almost exactly what I want, and nothing else will do. Am I really missing out on some good things?

nightshift350 49M/41F
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7/7/2006 7:31 pm

Well I guess the biker chick thing explains the Dyna part of you're handle.As tall and (oh my God)leggy as you are,Id bet its a Wide glide for the forward controls and comfort,not to mention style.

thumper1980800 62M
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8/2/2006 5:19 pm

Hear! Hear!! Finally a woman that has it right.Baby your lucky that I'm not 10 years younger and a foot taller,I would rock that kitty.Thanks Thumper.

dynakitty 48F

8/4/2006 7:22 pm

Hell, I'm glad you enjoyed it...I don't think I'm asking for too much...but some days I really wonder. Just want someone to spend some time with that is on the exact same wave length as I. OK, I'll settle for almost...I'm not greedy!

bigdaddyhotmomma 49M/46F
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8/17/2006 3:24 pm

Same wavelength and.....same frequency and amplitude here. I cut my hair a while back though, and alas, I am happily married.
I have never read one of these blogs on here before, but you enticed me to read yours. I ride, softail customized heavy, wife rides FXR evo with about 100hp and a baker wide range 5 spd. and I used to race MX pro. I also love riding my Buell. I am a certified motorhead with lots of toys.
As for your expectations,your standards are not too high and it sounds as though you deserve them to be met. I am only too sorry that it couldn't be me as I am so intrigued by you, your thoughts and your spirit and that damn hot and sensuous body. Good luck and will in your life.

dynakitty 48F

10/3/2006 8:05 pm

Darlin'...if you only knew! I didn't get this far in life without being durable, and sometimes I pass even my own expectations.

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