Oral sex - can guys do it right.  

dyingforsome2 39M
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4/14/2006 4:34 pm

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1/2/2007 5:18 pm

Oral sex - can guys do it right.

How are we supposed to know how to do it right if women just lies there an lets us work away. There is no manual and it not something you can turn to your best mate and say 'so what the best technique to use when have oral sex'. Add to this all women are different and what makes one woman come may just bore another. I love going down on a women, being able to make her want more just by a flick of your tunge is so cool.

So ladies if you want better oral sex then tell us exactly what to do and we will dedicate our selves to being the best at it.

But what I have found is a lot of women don't know their own bodies. They know where their sensitive spots are but they haven't explored where their ultra erotic spots are.

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4/14/2006 5:24 pm

Well said! Now to find guys that will listen and can be bothered, the percentage is probably near close the same as those ladies who won`t speak up or don`t know their body.

Surprisingly, over 30% of women have never orgasmed and I have no idea what percentage go both orally and vaginally or one or the other.

I know orally I go best on the left and my GF goes best on the right side.

In any case there needs to be more expression sexually, don`t expect either partner to guess when you`re as quiet as a mouse. I was asked recently if I had an orgasm, and I was kind of stunned. I`d been making appreciation noises when I sex was feeling good and extra good. No way I would be silent and still if I`d just orgasmed!

rm_ferret441961 56M

4/27/2006 8:32 am

being single again after along time married (no regrets)i brought a few books on how to understand what a woman wants&needs from a man.i came across one called what woman want men to know wish i found it a little bit earlier in life .anyway remember "the more you practice the better ya get"saying well theory as well as the practicle,everyone is diffrent so think and explore feel for the vibes if ya can"t feel anything "think" & explore some more.maybe gents specialy(dyingforsome2)should go for a holiday down south say maybe victoria (to me its a womans navel)and as you hop on a boat to tassie!Mmmm i suggest you buy a map of the apple ilse either one with vegartation placed around it or totally bare earth speard it out wow Mmmmm looks good in the middle does"nt it. now think explore the outer edges and even beyond but return to the middle of the isle every now&then you may even hear a female saying or even screaming don"t stop I coming 2Ooooh so i found on my trips to Mmmmm lovely tassie most timemes they don"t come with someone to guide you. cheers ferret441961 PS i do enjoy my trips to tassie when i can

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