Hurricane Fuck  

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7/1/2006 8:42 pm

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Hurricane Fuck

My husband’s friend Steve usually comes over every Sunday for the hockey games. Since the Hurricane's were doing so well he came over for every Stanley Cup game. The final game was no different. I made snacks and the three of us will all watch the game and drink wine and beer. I often fantasize about Steve when Erick and I have sex. After one hot session we were laying in bed and Erick said he wondered what it would really be like to watch me have sex with Steve in front of him...I suggested that we find out. He told me that if the right moment came up it would be fine with would fulfill a fantasy for both of us it seemed.

During the final game I said that I was going to go up and take a shower during half time and that I would be back for the second half. We had been drinking all afternoon and were all very mellow. I came down brushing out my hair. I was wearing one of my tee shirts. They could tell I wasn't wearing a bra, but probably weren’t sure about my panties until I sat across from them and curled my legs under flashing both with a quick view of my freshly shaved pussy that I’d also been rubbing in the shower. Steve looked right at me and smiled. The look saying, "I like that". The grin on my face gave the answer. During the second half I got up several times to get beers and snacks. When I leaned over them with the drinks my tits were in plain sight. Steve was taking it all in. He even said "nice" a couple of times. During the fourth quarter I came over and sat between them on the couch. It wasn't long before I was rubbing the inside of Steve's thighs. Running my hand up his shorts. Erick got up to get the next beers and by the time he came back in Steve had his hands under my shirt and was pulling on my swollen nipples. The head of his big dick was sticking out of the bottom of his shorts and I was rubbing it. Erick sat across the room from us to get a better view of the show. I bent over and kissed Steve’s dick head as it stuck out and sucked it a little. I then undid his shorts and pulled his rock-hard dick out and started sucking with a passion. I was in pure lust mode. Steve looked at Erick and nodded, he pulled my shirt over my head and I was sitting next to my husband’s friend totally naked sucking his dick. It was so exciting. Erick would look down at me and look straight into my eyes as I sucked. I was so turned on with him watching! I felt like such a slut but loved it.

It wasn't long before we were both totally naked and he was eating me in the 69 position. I turned over and sat over Steve and lowered myself onto his wet dick. As he slid in I looked straight at Erick as I slid down and started to ride him. He could tell I loved it. It wasn't long before I was riding Steve wildly looking right at Erick the whole time. He was rubbing my bare breasts and squeezing my ass as he pumped like crazy. Steve came first and I did right after. I arched my back and moaned as I jerked like a for what seemed like a five minute orgasm. I then fell forward onto Steve's chest. He was still inside of me and pumping slowly.

I guess he never got completely soft because he started pumping harder and I started to respond. He grabbed my ass and pulled my tighter to him so that he could enter further. He had such a long cock that it felt so amazing. We rolled over on the sofa and he was riding my again. I wrapped my legs around his ass as he pumped harder and harder. I came again almost instantly and he continued to pump. After he came the first time it looked like he was going to last awhile. I counted at least two more orgasms for me. I hadn’t cum so much in a long time. He was sucking and chewing my nipples and kissing me passionately. It felt so good. I’d forgotten Erick was even there. Finally he came again and filled me with so much cum that I felt it stream out of me as I lay on top of him. Erick seemed transfixed watching our two naked bodies. One of them his wife  I was still so turned on. After a bit we sat up and they drank a beer. I said that I needed a shower and told Steve to come with we could save water I took his hand and led him upstairs to the shower. We were washing each other. I loved the feeling of his big dick and balls and then knelt down in front of him and started sucking him. He started to respond by pumping slowly. He was getting hard, but, not fully erect. We stepped out of the shower and toweled each other. It was so exciting to be naked with him. I took Steve's hand grinned at Erick as I walked past him naked and took Steve into the bedroom. Erick got to watched Steve and I do 69 for what seemed like an hour. I could get enough of his amazing cock and body. We fucked again. Erick was at his limit I think because stripped and joined us. Erick started to fuck me while Steve watched. I was so hot that I came almost instantly as Erick did too. I lay on top of Erick while I sucked Steve. Erick was still inside of my and getting hard again watching me and was pumping away in no time. I know that I came twice while Erick was in me the second time. I have never felt so well fucked. I was in heaven.

I went back to the shower, and came down wearing my tee shirt. I surprised Erick by sitting next to Steve and cuddling with him. We spent the evening watching TV while Steve and I played with each other. When it was time for Steve to leave I asked if we could go upstairs for one last fling before he left. I wanted to fuck him alone. I said that this time it would be for me. Erick was eager to please me and agreed. We were upstairs about 30 minutes and Steve took his time kissing and fucking me slowly as I treasured every minute. When we came down I was naked and holding Steve's hand. We both walked to the door; I was still naked for anybody to see. We kissed passionately and I said that we'd have to do this again sometime. That night in bed Erick and I had the greatest sex that I can remember.

Who says being a housewife isn’t fun??

rm_NodScene33 48M

7/1/2006 8:56 pm

Wow, what a great story. Exactly what I fantasize about with my wife. I'd love to sit back and watch her fuck somebody else, and really be into it....then join in. It was great to hear the scenario from a woman's perspective. I'm so horny after reading this, I'm about to explode. I wish I could join the two of you one day.......keep up the good times.

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