All stressed out  

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6/25/2006 6:24 am

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All stressed out

I have often wondered. People work on a average 40 hours or more a week. This pays the bills, keeps utilities, buys gas and the rest (if any is for fun times. But is there really anything left??How in the hell does a man get rid of the stress from financial burdens??
By the way, this is my first blog so im just rambling on. not quite sure what to write here. Just trying it out and see where it goes and if its something that I may be interested in.
I travel up and down the Ohio river from Sistersville Wv to Follansbee Wv. 5 days a week if not more. Wouldnt mind meeting someone over lunch, dinner or just a cup of coffee or a beer. Just to talk and relax and have fun doing so. Other than that..Im happier than a puppy with 2 peckers. ttyl

dvd1959 58M

6/29/2006 12:53 pm

Thanks for the Welcoming post. I just got back to work after 3 days off and they started out being fairly decent. Except for the fact that on Wednesday night I was in my pool with my boys and lo and behold I found out that I got a hole in my liner. Talking about ruining a good time. LMAO. By the way, I like the pic ya got posted. Very alluring and sexy.


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