Cyber Lovers Fears  

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2/27/2006 2:50 am

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Cyber Lovers Fears

If I were to meet you for real,
would I likely drop my jaw ?
Is it possible I'd run away fast,
bang my head leaving the door ?

If I looked right into your eyes
would my heart hit the floor ?
Or would I more likely avoid you,
daily forever, forever more ?

Let's say I had gave you a hug
would my heart say sweetly fly ?
Or if you had hugged me instead,
would I grimace and internally cry ?

Cyber love, who knows the truth ?
Are we all being honest or sincere ?
Or is it we're all just pretending
dreading meeting and hiding in fear ?

_CoffeeNoCream_ 54F

2/28/2006 1:15 am


4biddenlove4us 50F

6/9/2006 10:51 pm

How can I fall in love with only words? Words and pictures, grainy and compressed? A jaypeg love is truly for the birds.
You'd have to wonder whether I'm repressed. But love it is, through all the bits and bytes, for someone who's like no one else I've met:
Tender, charming, bright, king of my nights, all I've ever dreamed of, on the Net.
And though he's living in a distant place, I love him as I've loved no one before.
Will I ever get to touch his face, hold him in my arms and, perhaps, more?
Ay, me! No matter what, I'm still in love.
Through modems must our e-mailed passions move!
Love's not easy on the Internet.
Words alone can be misunderstood.
Love needs eyes and lips and hands to let
the hurt rest easy when the joy feels good.
Lovers can't reach through the opaque screen
to underscore a message with their arms,
to say with touch exactly what they mean
or give the light caress that anger calms.
Instead, they must rely on faith and trust,
Loving patiently a fleshless soul,
Taking words for kisses cause they must,
With full communion their elusive goal.
Beware the intimate Internet! Beware the chatrooms with closed doors. Where naked names cruise midnight shores. And fall in love before they've met. Beware the way two dreams can mesh In ecstasy beyond sensation.
No love but may retreat to stone as sirens sad the heart entice.
Two names entwine in paradise
While here two lovers lie alone.
I wrote this on one of my deleted profiles because many didn't understand the meaning of and I hope that someone who reads this blog will. {=}{=}{=}

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