Memories and Mourning  

duststormdiva 52F
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9/28/2005 11:31 pm

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6/29/2007 1:07 pm

Memories and Mourning

The house is filled with memories of my father. My son told me he moved out because of those memories. I told him today that the girls and I don't have the opportunity to run away from those memories. We have to face them everyday.

We don't want to eliminate all the memories, but we are doing some major changes through the house.

My oldest daughter wants to move into my fathers room. My youngest daughter wants my sons room.

We have cleared out the room the girls used to share. We tore up the carpet and have laid tile. This room will be my office. I will paint it a soft white.

My fathers room is being cleared out too. The carpet will be removed and tile laid down. My daughter wants it painted black with leopard print for the curtains and her bedding. She will have a leopard print area rug. We will brighten up the black walls and ceilings with plants, pictures and lighting.

My sons room will be painted a midnight blue for my baby daughter, she wants glow in the dark stars and moons on the walls and ceiling. Her curtains and bedding will be midnight blue.

With the extra tile I bought we will redo the main bathroom floor.

Our final project is to tear up the carpeting in the living room and dining room and lay tile. We are getting different furniture and will have a huge area rug. I have not yet decided on the decor of this room yet.

Eventually, I will redo my bedroom. The carpet will be eliminated and tile will replace it. I will paint the walls something light. My computer will be moved to the new office.

Oh, and I just bought a new stove. The old one was my fathers for like 15-20 years. I loved that stove, but it is tired and the oven was shorting out.

So, three loads to the dump from decluttering and more to go, we are well on our way to a different house. I can't believe the crap we kept. I keep everything for sentimental reasons, but no more!

I have to admit two of the three loads were filled with the old stove and car seats that were removed from my sons friends vehicle from when he lived with us.

As we clean the yard, I will also make changes to it. I want to plant grass in my back yard. I don't like the typical Arizona yards with dirt and rocks. I want green green grass.

My body aches and my muscles are sore! I only like this to happen from an incredible night of sex!


GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
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9/29/2005 3:28 am

Best wishes on this journey to the final closing of a chapter

duststormdiva 52F
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9/29/2005 6:38 am

GoddessOfTheDawn, thanks! We sure are hoping it works!



9/29/2005 6:52 am

Those sound like positive changes. I think you're moving in the right direction. Good luck to you.

Whatever the reasons, I like your preference for light-colored walls. They're supposed to make a room look larger than dark colors. I never thought much about it until I moved into a house with a maroon living room. Now it's silver sage. Much cheerier.

Can't say I care for leopard prints. I think they only look good on leopards. And I'm not sure all of them can pull it off.

CuteAZguy27 40M
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9/29/2005 8:58 am

Oh yes, the glow in the dark stars and moons, my favorite when i was younger

Just relax duststormdiva , just lay right here on your tummy and ill start from the neck and work my way down as my fingers massage your acheing muscles, starting very soft with texture at your neck, then your shoulders and working my way down with the major sore/stiff area's of your body down to your toes till you feel limp and relaxed and feel at peace once again.


duststormdiva 52F
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9/30/2005 12:32 am

PillsburyCodeBoy I love big cats, so I am all for the leopard print. Not sure I am thrilled about the black walls, but you know, I don't have to live in there.


duststormdiva 52F
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9/30/2005 12:33 am

CuteAZguy27 are you trying to tempt me or seduce me?


toothysmile 52M
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9/30/2005 7:29 am

Well, redecorating is always fun, even under sad circumstances...

An incredible night of sex is even better!...

duststormdiva 52F
6854 posts
10/1/2005 1:18 am

toothysmile, I am due for an incredible night of sex!


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