Happy Belated Father's Day Daddy  

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6/19/2006 1:53 pm

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Happy Belated Father's Day Daddy

I avoided writing about my father for Father’s Day because this month is very hard on me. My father’s birthday was the 10th and I spent the whole day in tears. Thanks to my very wonderful boyfriend who held me through the day. Father’s Day was on the 18th and I thought that would be hard, but actually I busied myself making dinner for my boyfriend. He was gone for 24 hours as he spent time with his kids. I spent the night drinking, for lack of anything else to do. I can’t sleep alone now that I am used to sleeping with him. When he got here, we napped together for about three hours. On the 25th he will have been dead 11 months. I am interested in seeing how it will be on the one month anniversary of his death.

My father was a great man, and I love him so very much. I really wish that he could have met my boyfriend.

They say that birthdays and holidays are hardest. Well, we made it through my three kid’s birthday's, mine and Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hell, even Valentine's Day and Easter was bearable, but his birthday was very hard for me.

I love you, Daddy! I miss you! I really missed you on your birthday! Happy Belated Father’s Day!


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Thanks! ((hugs))


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