Fair is Fair  

duststormdiva 52F
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7/23/2005 2:46 pm

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6/26/2006 7:40 pm

Fair is Fair

After reading Jerosd and tamethytension blogs about swallowing it triggered something I have thought about for a long time.


Would you be willing to experience the things you ask of your lover?

Anal, would you be willing to have her put on a strap on and do you up the ass?

Swallowing, would you be willing to kiss her after her mouth was filled with your jizz and share the swallowing experience with her?

Threesomes, ffm and mmf would you be willing to try both?

I look at it this way:

If a lover of mine asked me to try anal, I would tell them, “let me go to the grocery store and get a cucumber the size of your pecker, do you up the ass with it, and if you like it, you can do me.” Although, I must admit I have a growing curiosity about it now.

When a lover asks me to swallow, it’s just no. At times, I do let him cum in my mouth, but I’ll spit it out. Now I would be willing to swallow if he was willing to share that experience with me. After all I kiss a man after he has performed oral on me, and his face is all glazed over. I did bite once when a lover came in my mouth. I didn’t even realize I did it. He told me afterwards.

It’s funny how men are so willing to have a ffm threesome, but in no way will do the mmf threesome. Now if I have a ffm threesome with a lover, I am sure he is going to expect me to have fun with her. Yet, these some of these men will not have a mmf threesome, and others will, but with no sexual contact among the men.

My whole point is fairness. Fair is fair. If you expect me to do it, you better be willing to do it yourself. 


tamethytension 56M
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7/23/2005 7:31 pm

A strap-on per se no ... too near in my mind to homo-erotica which is definitely not my cup of tea. However, one lover had something of a fetish for my ass ... all manner of ass play. Given what she allowed me in return, I allowed her considerable leeway with what she played with ...

As posted earlier today, I have been frenched immediately after .. it was a surprise and it dampened the mood ... but was not as hideous as I would have imagined.

Never had a 3-some but always imagine FFM moreso than FMF. I came very close to entertaining a MFM ... it was my ex fiancee and her new husband while I was staying with them. They put forward the idea but I was simply not drunk enough (this was in my sexual youth and I was a bit more shy about such things than perhaps today). Now a MMF ... um NO... not touching a man ... guess that's where I draw the line, lay down a brick wall, and cover it in cement.

As you say, fair's fair.

CaboWaboVHnut 57M
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7/23/2005 11:07 pm

Hey Dusty! [ is it o.k. to call you dusty? ] Well, here we go!!! Like you say fair is fair!!! The FMF, my wife would never consider it, and even though I like lesbian porn, I don't think I could do it even if she agreed. Likewise, no MMF either. Strap on? She wouldn't consider it, I would with her since I trust her, [ of course only if it was small & thin!!! ]. I've discussed this with my male co-workers, they of course say "that's gay!", to which I always argue, no, not if it's a woman doing it, not a man!!!! I always tell them that I'd like to have a prostate massage. I've read that when combined with a BJ, it's one of the best orgasm's possible!!! They of course still yell GAY!!! I couldn't care less!!! If I could get my wife to agree, I'd try it!!! Swallowing!!!!!!! Ahhhh.... yes. One of the big problems!!! My wife can't do it, she has trouble with gagging while brushing her teeth!!! Seeing saliva on a surface can make her gag also!!! I've tried to get her to let me cum in her mouth, then spit it out, but, she just can't handle it!! I do understand!!! I don't want her to do something that bothers her, or grosses her out, but it is a point of frustration for me. NOW!!! WE GET TO THE BIGGIE!!! TAKING YOUR OWN CUM FROM HER MOUTH!!! DIVA!!! You don't know me, but I swear I'm telling you the truth!!!!!!! I SUGGESTED TO HER THAT WE TRY THAT!!!! I'M TALKING ABOUT YEARS AGO, WHEN WE FIRST STARTED HAVING SEX!!!!! I ASKED HER TO LET ME CUM IN HER MOUTH, THEN IMMEDIATELY KISS ME, AND I WOULD TAKE IT FROM HER!!!!!! Alas, she still couldn't do it!!! You may think I'm BS'ing you, but I swear I'm not!!!!! Well, at least I've given you something to think about for a day or two!!!! I love your blog!!! Keep posting!!!! Blog me sometime,if you get a chance!!!! CABO!!!!!!!

duststormdiva 52F
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7/24/2005 4:28 am

tame, thanks for your honesty and visiting my blogs. The french kiss filled with your cum dampened the mood. I find that funny because guys object to me not swallowing yet they are not willing to have their own cum in the mouths. One guy told me, "but mens cum is just... yuck!" I asked him, "and you expect a woman to swallow that?"

Do you regret not participating in that threesome when offered?


duststormdiva 52F
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7/24/2005 4:29 am

Cabo, yes, Dusty is good. I am good. Oh wait, I didn't want to go that direction! I like your openess and your honesty with your co-workers, to me, their quick reaction to say everything is gay, chances are they have already tried it but too embarrassed to admit it.

I have heard of men wanting to take cum from the ladies mouth. Actually, if I really really cared about the guy, I'd probably swallow if that made him happy.

I am glad you love my blogging! Thanks!


keithcancook 61M
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7/24/2005 4:29 am

Why does it have to be tit for tat?

fins_left 48M

7/24/2005 6:59 am

Interesting questions, Diva. I think I would be willing to try most things my partner wanted to do. If it's a turn on for her, then why not? Fair is fair, afterall, lol. And if we are both comfortable and trust each other, then just about anything goes. I like anal play, and don't see anything gay about it. So I'd be willing to be on the receiving end of a strap on. I've never shared the swallowing experience, but that's something else I'd be willing to try. Wouldn't go out of my way to taste my own cum on her lips, but you don't think about those things in the heat of passion, do you? As far as threesomes go, I would love to try FFM. Don't know what it would be like, but I am curious. Guess that is one of my fantasies, but I don't think I'm alone in that. I'd do the MMF threesome if that's what she wanted to try. But again only if that trust and comfort level was there. Gosh, looking back at this, I guess I'm just a little horndog. I'm really not that bad! Well, maybe just a little.

duststormdiva 52F
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7/24/2005 7:15 am

keith, haha, it doesn't have to be tit for tat. But when someone is very persistant about what they want and their partner is not too keen on the idea it just gives that person the option to prove what he/she will be willing to do.


duststormdiva 52F
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7/24/2005 7:35 am

fins, Thanks for your honesty! It's nice to know that there are men out there who are willing to make their women happy in light of fairness.


rm_major259 51M
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7/24/2005 11:56 am

Ah, what a tangled web we weave. Good post Diva, it was great food for thought for me.

Enjoying your posts.

CuteAZguy27 40M
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7/24/2005 2:27 pm

Interesting topic duststormdiva, one of the ladies also brought this same subject not to long ago as well, Heres my input allot diffrent from the posts above intertwined with some diffrences and maybe suprising.

Questions :

1.) Anal, would you be willing to have her put on a strap on and do you up the ass?

This question for me is a definet never, for her there is no penetration of her fake penis to make her orgasm, just a simple moving of the hips to have her own strange pleasure.

2.)Swallowing, would you be willing to kiss her after her mouth was filled with your jizz and share the swallowing experience with her?

Done this with diffrent women both who swallowed and kept it for shareing, I have no problem with my taste of jizz. Yet there ARE ladies who are just the same the other way, I go oral on them, they taste just beautifully, they orgasm, i eat, i come up for air, go for her lips.....and he she turns her head so im faceing her cheek.

3.) Threesomes, ffm and mmf would you be willing to try both?

Ive have actually done the ffm thing before....in my early 20's it was my gf birthday, she was a very kinky girl-yet it was her birthday yet she wanted to treat ME,(yet most likely for her curiosity as well) so she talked to a good friend of hers and the 3 of us got down that night and we ALL had a great time.....yet the bottom line is, im a passionate lover, push away all the games, push away all the fantasies, i preffer it just to be one on one-the lover and myself.

nightstogether 58M

7/25/2005 5:13 am

Yes, and I have no problem with everything that you've suggested, and I've tried them all without baulking. I also see it so, if you wish to give you've got to be prepared to take. Sex is a matter of give and take and of satisfying both partners (or all if there are more), and if you get off by giving anal, why shouldn't your partner feel the same even if she isn't equipped to perform in the same way?

private-intellectual (.de)

duststormdiva 52F
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7/25/2005 9:08 am

major, thanks for peeking in now and then.

cute, Good points.

nights, it's awesome to hear that you are such a giving, sharing, and willing partner.


rm_DaphneR 59F
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7/26/2005 9:52 am

I've had one man that refused to kiss me after I'd given him head, and yes, I always swallow. Needless to say, that was the last time he ever got anything from me. I've always been of the mindset that I had it in my mouth you can at least kiss me. No one else ever hesitated, his reaction kind of surprised me.

Have tongue, will use it. Repeatedly.

duststormdiva 52F
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7/27/2005 8:28 pm

cumtounge44 gotta love a man who is open and honest!!


duststormdiva 52F
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7/27/2005 8:31 pm

DaphneR I agree with you, if I have it in my mouth, you better be willing to kiss me afterwards. And good for you for never giving him your fabulous pleasure anymore. He's a jerk!


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