The Upside(s) of dating dublos..  

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3/11/2005 6:45 pm

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The Upside(s) of dating dublos..

Well, first and foremost, I'm definitely not kidding when I talk about kissing in my profile. I am, to put it bluntly, obsessed with kissing.

Good kissing is no where near as easy to find as one might hope, and excellent kissing.. oh that's something to savor.

As to how well endowed my most important sexual organ is.. well, that's why you're reading this blog isn't it? To take a peek inside my brain and discover just that?

I'm very big on connections. I don't life the phrase no strings because it implies that you don't care about who's inhabiting the body you're having sex with. I'm not looking to become anyone's primary or only partner. That's just not my gig. But anyone who I'm going to spend quality time with, has to be someone I can connect with. I'm not talking same amount of education, I'm not talking from my social circle (where ever that might be), I'm talking about someone who intrigues me, makes me learn something new and lets me teach them a new thing or two as well.

I'm not real worried about height, weight, hair color/length or whether your nails are long or short. I appreciate the packaging, that's to be sure. I'm male and very visually oriented. But I can most definitely appreciate a lot of different types of packaging. I don't have an Ideal exterior, I don't have an ideal interior.. I just know if I like what I see and whether I want to learn more about the person inside.

I am very patient. Your inbox is overflowing and you're overwhelmed? No problem.. I'll still be around when you get through sorting the wheat from the chaff. If I'm not in the chaff pile, drop me a reply. You're sort of interested but someone else has your attention? Go for it! If they work out and you're not interested in looking elsewhere, that's ok, but if you're still looking I'll likely be here. You want to get aquainted but your life's really really busy right now? That's ok too.. I'm not in a hurry, after all the journey often *is* the point, not the destination we arrive at.

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