So.. Tell me?  

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3/18/2005 12:56 pm

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So.. Tell me?

When you're looking at a profile on AdultFriendFinder, what draws you into that profile and what do you look at that helps you decide if you want to get aquainted?

Well, most often if I'm looking at all, I'm looking at the Who's online list, so headlines don't have a lot of initial effect.

Pictures certainly pull me in before anything else, but interesting/creative usernames also get my attention enough to click into their profile.

After checking out their other pictures (if they have more than one), my next stop is ALWAYS the text they have written in their profile. I like it when someone has taken the time to actually write something more than a couple sentences. I don't ask for perfect spelling or grammer but actually typing out the full word "you" and "be" do get extra points.

I like it when someone has filled out the extra information page (fantasies, etc) but since I actually enjoy discovering that as part of getting aquainted that part doesn't phase me much if it's not there.

I haven't found any ladies in my area that have started blogs, but I can definitely say I would check them out if I did find one.

I do check the mutual match and statistical information section before deciding to write but it's more to see if I'm fighting any disqualifying selections on her part than it is to worry about whether they match my criteria. If I'm that far along I'm already interested whether they have matched my selections or not.

I haven't been paying a lot of attention to testimonials and network photos have just been a fun bonus. I've been wondering if testimonials actually would help those ladies who are so sexy that they get accused of being fakes.

Oh..... And if you don't look at profiles at all, what helps you decide?

dublos 53M  
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3/24/2005 11:00 am

Thanks. I'll definitely keep writing, it's an outlet that I'm enjoying a lot. Besides it never hurts to give potential playmates an early view into your braincase.. might help those that are on the fence hop one way or ther other.

dublos 53M  
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6/16/2005 6:28 pm

<<Generally I like profiles that have pictures, are filled out, and I always look to see if they have answered the extra questions. >>

Me too.. I have to go look at mine again. I've seen some mighty nicely written answers in some of those and I'm not sure whether mine need wordsmithing or not.

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