Not ment to be insulting....  

dublos 52M  
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2/12/2005 4:05 pm

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Not ment to be insulting....


When you're asked if you are real, please don't take it as an insult. In case you hadn't noticed, though AdultFriendFinder's abuse squad does their best to quash them as quickly as they are reported, there are a large number of women's profiles on here that aren't actually real.

We're not talking about women putting up fantasy profiles that they never plan on following through on. No.. we're talking about business people. People who want member's e-mail addresses and want to sell them things.. porn subscriptions, viagra, home mortgages and baldness cures.

And they usually use really impressively gorgeous women's images in the profiles they create.

So if someone's writing to you and seems to suspect you're not real, it's most likely because they think you're too good to be true.

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