Another bit of erotica I wrote..  

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Another bit of erotica I wrote..

Costume parties can be such a trial some times. I had planned on making some excuse to avoid it, but when the boss came by and said he was so glad I was coming to this event that supported one of his favorite charities, I knew I was sunk. So here I am, dressed in the only costume the shop had left. They said it was a medieval form of a mime costume. Ah well, at least it should be an easy way to avoid conversations that I am not interested in. At least I'm lucky and not in one of the enormous hoop skirt affairs many of the ladies seem to be stuck with.

Oh, and look at that one... I bet she looks fantastic in street clothes, but the bodice on that one's threatening to bring her wonderful assets out for public viewing.

You give me a very curious look as I make my way over. It must have taken some effort for her to get into all that finery and here come this guy dressed up as a mime, a costume that might have taken him 5 minutes to get into if he was slow with buttons. As I approached her, my eyes darted back & forth from her sensuous kissable lips to her large buxom breasts. Her cleavage was breath taking. I think twenty "come ON's" went through my mind as I neared her.

"That's a lovely dress" I say.

"You aren't supposed to talk, are you?" You reply.

<Sigh> my stomach dropped and I decided on a tactical retreat. "Hmmm... Well I suppose I should take that as a hint. That color does really look good on you though. "I tip my beret and turn back towards the refreshment table.

After getting a glass of wine at the refreshment table, I continue on, skirting the edge of the room and I realize that my fantasy is following me. I stop next to one of the pillars that line the edge of the ballroom and look at you with a raised eyebrow... "Hello again, seeking refreshments too?" You're looking slightly flustered, but you rally and say "Actually, I wanted you to know I wasn't trying to shoot you down, I was just making a comment. I like your costume too!"

Ok, now I'm feeling like a heel for reacting so badly, and the eyes peering at me through your mask are definitely causing a little weakness in my knees... "I'm sorry for walking off like that. I thought you were asking me to stop talking, and I have always hated the type of man who keeps trying to pick up on a woman when she's already indicated she's not interested. I never want to be that type of man."

"Oh, you were trying to pick up on me?" You reply.

D'oh! Ok time to make the best of a series of missteps here... after all honesty can work sometimes. "You mean you didn't pick up on that? And here I thought I was being too obvious. Yes, I was definitely trying to pick you up. You look fantastic in that dress and I wanted to discover more about the lady within."

From your smile and the fact that you stepped closer, I am guessing that honesty was indeed the best policy. As we continue to chat, you keep edging a bit closer, until your hand comes to rest on my arm.

You say, "did I mention that I really like what your costume does for your body?" I cover your hand with mine and start caressing your palm with my thumb." You did mention that you liked it, but thank you again. I suppose I got lucky, since this was the last costume available that fit the occasion. Did you have a lot of difficulty getting here in that dress?"

I tug you a little closer, positioning us both a little more behind the pillar and out of the main traffic pattern. "No, it wasn't that bad. The skirt comes off pretty easily, so I just wore a long coat and carried the skirt flat, then reassembled it in the ladies room. "

You bring your hand up to my face and run a finger along my jaw line. The speculative look on your face is all the encouragement I need at that point. I catch your hand before you withdraw it and plant a couple of wet kisses on your palm and softly blow across it before reeling you in fully behind the pillar and lean in for a kiss.

Our lips melt together, and I can feel your arms easing around my back and neck, revealing to me that you had the same desires for me that I had for you. The passionate kiss was a fantasy being fulfilled. By the time we come up for air, we're both obviously a little flushed with lustful passion. "Deep breathing has a wonderful effect on that dress, "I say gazing appreciatively at your heaving bosom.

"Kissing seems to have a wonderful effect elsewhere too," you respond, running your hand up my thigh to my very obvious and throbbing erection. The feeling of your hand sliding up and down my pulsating shaft through my costume brings a wicked but playful gleam to my eye. I hand you my drink, "Hold this for a little while?"

You are looking slightly confused as you take the drink from my hand. Then, as I drop to my knees and pick up your dress, you whispered, "What are you doing? People will see us! ""I've always wanted to do this, just act natural and no one will know " I responded, as I crawl in under your dress and drop the hoops back down around me.

The temperature under your dress is definitely a bit warmer than the rest of the ballroom, and your scent made me even more eager to please you. You wiggle a little at the feel of my hands sliding up your stocking clad legs. "I wondered what you'd be wearing under this." Sheer lacy panties and thigh high hose, my favorite aphrodisiac! . I pull down your hose down just enough to lick &nibble on the top of your thighs, right next to your now aroused mound. You part your legs willingly so I can probe more generously with my tongue. Your thighs are so silky smooth and responsive to my lips and hot wet tongue. I can feel you starting to cautiously writhe with every flick of my tongue on the inside of your legs.

You move your pelvis closer & closer to my tongue as I'm lightly sucking on the soft flesh below your now aroused love nest. I can feel you begging me to explore you with my tongue so I pull your panties aside and plant a kiss on your lips and I feel you shift a bit to lean against the pillar.

"Oh, that's very nice," you say as I start to lick your already wet hidden pleasure. My hands continue to rub up and down your thighs as my tongue probes you towards ecstasy. Your soft moans tell me I seem to be on the right track, so I slide a finger into your now dripping tight canal while I continue to lick and suck your clitoris. I can feel your bulb swelling & pulsating in my mouth, so I curl my tongue around it and suck gently sending a shudder through your body.

"Oh, baby, that feels so unbelievably good. Don't ever stop!" My questing finger has found your g spot, so I start rubbing it gently while I lick up and down your glistening slit of hot passion. I feel your tight muscles clenching rhythmically around my finger, so I start licking you harder with long deep strokes to bring you closer to the upcoming climax of your dreams. I bring my other hand up to your hips & pull you closer, so as to bury my face more firmly against your clit as I probe you harder & harder with my tongue.

Suddenly you clench tightly around my finger and I hear you suppressing a scream of delight as the delightfully intense orgasm rips through your body. You push your mound onto my mouth with each and every climatic wave letting me know that you didn't want the orgasm to end. Your knees weaken with ecstasy so I cup your ass with my hands and hold you up while my tongue continues to suck your inflamed bulb until the very end. The heat we created under the skirt was intense but I continued to plant a few more kisses on your now steaming wetness and along your inner thighs until you stop writhing.

Then I quietly ask... "is the coast clear for me to come out?" "I think so. I don't see anyone looking this way, "is your breathless reply.

After I've returned to a standing position next to you, you plant a long wet kiss on me. You are enjoying the taste of your own passions that are still on my lips and mustache. You bring me closer to you so your dress surrounds the front of me and reach down to take a hold of my pulsating shaft.

You give me a devilish look and say, "Three different people walked by while you were down there. They must have thought I was having hot flashes or something. I don't believe you did that but I'm so glad that you did." You see I had the same fantasy as you when I put this dress on tonight! We both chuckled as you continue to massage my hardness with your fingers. The feel of my hardness in your hand must be enjoyable for you, because you pull me close and tell me, "I think we should take a little walk and get some fresh air, don't you?"

Your tongue darts through those seductive lips to show me just what you have in mind for me. I know that the second part of my fantasy was about to come true. We collect our coats at the door, and we walk out the door arm in arm, with our coats bundled in my other arm. "I'm parked over this way," you say, pulling me along.

You lead me up a quiet parking ramp to your car. "Now, it's my turn," you whisper, as you push me back against the car parked next to yours. You slide your hands down up & down the sides of my body as we passionately kiss. I feel you press your breast against me then pull back a little to show them to me. The cleavage is so sexy that I want to remove the bodice and kiss them right then. You take my hands and guide them to your breast to be caressed.

Teasingly, your fingers encircle my waist band then pull the bottoms of my costume down along with my boxers. Ever so gently you slide one hand under my cock to cup my balls and stroke my inner thighs with the other. Your long fingernails lightly tickle my balls and legs ever so seductively. You watch my shaft become harder as a drop of passion starts to glisten on the end. Your fingers rub the slick jell all around the head as you kneel down in front of me.

You blow your hot breath on my wet head and it makes me shiver with pleasure. You then start licking my inner thighs and nuzzling my balls with your face at the same time. Ever so slowly, you take my sack into your hot mouth and wrap your tongue in circles around it. You are driving me crazy with your teasing but I love every minute of it. I take your head in my hands and direct you to my enflamed rod and you oblige me but only by just flicking the now dripping slit again with your tongue. You like the taste of my juices but return to my balls again. Ever so slowly, you begin to tease me at the base of my throbbing cock as I'm starting to beg you to suck me.

"Oh, that's really good," I moan as I feel your lips and tongue start making their way up the underside of my awaiting throbbing cock. Reaching the head, you tease me mercilessly by nibbling & licking just the slit with your tongue while you massage my balls in your hand. It seemed like an eternity until you inhale all of me into your mouth in one quick motion. My legs stiffened and the thrill of it is like none other that I had before. You stop right before I climax and reach down between your legs to retrieve some of your own juices. You began suck the head of my cock into your mouth and stroke the length of it with your juicy hand.

The combination of your sucking, stroking my cock and fondling my balls is bringing me to the brink very quickly after the excitement of the evening thus far. I can tell how much you are enjoying yourself and it's all I can do to hold off till you have had your fun. When you take your mouth off my cock to lick and kiss your way down it, I feel a cool breeze and remember we could be discovered at any moment. You suck my balls one by one, still stroking my cock and I'm really not sure I care, except that if discovered we might have to stop. I bury my hands in your hair, as you take my cock back in your mouth, swirling your tongue around the head.

You start pistoning your head up and down on my cock in time to your strokes, and I know the end is near. "I'm getting really close," I say, hoping you're not going to stop, but not wanting to ruin everything by not saying anything. My words seem to spur you on, and moments later my juices fill your mouth. You swallow as I orgasm, and continue gently sucking on my spurting cock. You don’t stop and allow me to completely soften in your mouth as you tenderly licked me to the end.

I can't believe this evening is happening, but I am very happy that it is. You help me pull my costume back together, and pull me to you again. We're just in time, because as we start to kiss again, someone walks past to his car.

Your lips are warm under mine, and your tongue flirts playfully around my lips as we kiss. I don't know how long we stand there kissing, but it's long enough for my cock to start stirring back to life. I bring your hand down, knowing you're not going to feel its return through the hoops of your dress. As you rub up and down my cock, your other hand is unfastening the hoop skirt form your bodice.

"Help me off with this."

After a little fumbling with the fastenings, the skirt falls to the floor, and you stuff it into the back of your car. Then you slide off your panties and crawl across the seats. "Do it now, please" Looking around to see that no one else is around, I gaze at your wonderful ass as you're kneeling on the car seat. I pull the bottoms of my costume down again, and slide my hardness right into you. You are so hot, it feels like I'm sliding my cock into a furnace, and you gasp as my balls slap against your thighs.

I try to pace myself, with slow strokes, easing in and out of you, but before long, you're pushing back at me, meeting my thrusts.

"Harder, now, give it to me harder," you nearly shout. I don't need more incentive than that. I grab your hips in my hands and start slamming into your warm welcoming hot tunnel faster and harder. You don't stifle your scream this time and I feel your tight muscles clenching around my thrusting cock.

That pushes me right over the edge and I bury myself to the hilt and orgasm, barely holding myself up by grabbing the door. I'm brought back to the world as I feel you backing back out of the car. I pull up the bottoms of my costume as you slip your coat on.

As you slip your arms around my neck, you gaze into my eyes and ask, "do you want to come to my place, or shall I come back to yours?"

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7/14/2006 1:54 pm

Pretty damn good! I could relate and enjoy it. Thanks.

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