Change is as good as a they say anyway  

dubdub1970 47M
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5/6/2006 3:31 am

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5/30/2006 2:43 pm

Change is as good as a they say anyway

For those that are interested and lets face it none of you are interested in me....(according to a PROMINENT room member last week I was in fact hated by everyone of note in the room which was indeed nice to hear)I have decided to change the title of my blog from Callums Corner to Dubdub's Straight Jacket......for no other reason than I wanted to and that I think it reflects my feelings about the room....I dont get a chance from most people in any way (one in particular)so im unable "to move" in that im always treated the same and dont get the same chances to express myself or get to know people as others do....even down to the way im greeted by people so I think a straight jacket is a good metaphor...that said before any a*shole says im not going to go anywhere else if im sooooooooo unhappy with the chance

So all things stay the same....blogs arent going to change to sugery sweet ramblings trying to gain popularity or which say "look at me...." trying to be the centre of blogs telling how long ive been on the site etc and what ive done and who ive cheap birthday wishes or describing being in someones arms.....nope just honesty and genuine sincerity...I shoot from the hip and call "a spade a spade"...if people dont like that and think that it makes me.....hmmmmm lets see a "jekyl" or something else of that ilk...well thats just fucking tough...I'll keep plugging away being me.........because im proud to be that.....and proud of my profession and what its made me

The kings of kings ....never gives up and wont change to suit others.....hate away people !!!!

rm_GIZ4568 45F
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5/29/2006 5:09 pm

lol, reading that just makes me wanna laugh in your face dub, you were given a chance but you threw it away with your spiteful comments. Unable to see others more popular, or having more fun. Unable to cope with rejection, I feel your a sad man, I pity ya cause your'll never be happy. You paint this picture of the holyier than thou fireman, the hero, the saint, the king of king. A true hero, a true fire fighter doesn't need to shout his deeds, he is happy knowing he's done whats right, done his best. He doesn't need to seek validation or to use it in a way to win an argument or impress the ladies. My friend brother was a fireman, and he had more grace and compassion than someone like you will ever know, he lost his life doing what you "do" and he was loved, had many people griefing his loss, and still missing him every day....can you say the same will happen for you!!!!
You want honest and truth, you want to be "given a chance". then stop hiding behind this mask, stop behaving like a prick and maybe you will. Personally i feel it will be a cold day in hell, your stubborn misplaced pride would never allow it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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