A Tiger, A Pizza, And Chardonnay  

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6/19/2006 6:30 pm
A Tiger, A Pizza, And Chardonnay

It’s Friday night and we talk on the phone before I go out with my friends. You tell me you’re beat tonight and you’re not going out because you have to work an early morning nursing shift at the hospital. You tell me to come on down tomorrow if I want and meet you at your apartment.

“Just use you the key that I gave you to come in. I get off at around 6 and we’ll figure out what we’ll do from there. If you get down there early just make yourself at home. You know the drill.” , you say with a hint of naughtiness in your voice.

I say, “OK. I’ll call your cell and leave a message to let you know how I make out. Pun Intended.”

You giggle for a bit and say, “Oh yeah? You think so huh? Have a good time tonight and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

I laugh for a bit, “OK gorgeous, don’t stay up too late. I’ll see ya”

We end our conversation and I wake up the next day packing an overnight bag and the like. I catch a train down to Philly in the early afternoon. It’s really hot in the July heat and all I can think about is our first encounter and the great sex that we had in our previous meetings. I sit on the train and my cock just gets really hard just thinking about it. That’s not so bad but my cock just aches for your wet pussy and I can’t get comfortable in the hard seats of the train. Nor can I get up and move around because everybody will see that I have a raging hard on. It’s a constant reminder of how sexy you are.

I get down to the Market East station and head up the steps. I put a paper casually over my crotch so nobody notices my hard-on. I make my way up the stairs and it eventually goes away. I call your cell phone to let you know I’m down here and make a bee line to your apartment to drop off my stuff. I look at the time. It’s about two hours until you get off of work and I decide to hit the liquor store. I find one a couple of blocks away and get a nice bottle of Chardonnay.

I come back to your place and uncork the wine. I figure I would get a head start on the shower. I get out the shower and do my business and air out in a towel because it’s so hot.

I hear the door start to open and you come in and greet me with a big smile. “Hey hun, what’s going on? I see you made yourself at home already. I come home an you’re half naked already on my couch.”

“Well I just got out of the shower and it feels good to be half naked in this heat.”, I say.

“Why don’t you just turn the AC on? It works you know.”, you reply with some sarcasm.

“I know but the heat makes me horny.”, I say in response.

You say, “Oh but the cold makes my nipples hard and I get really horny when that happens.”

“Touche’” I say as I pull you close to me feeling my cock against your body, “You know what else makes me horny is this nurse’s uniform you are wearing. Do you wear that everyday?”

“It’s one of the uniforms that we wear at the hospital but I usually wear something like scrubs. Ya know something loose and comfortable. I’m only wearing this because I didn’t do wash yesterday.”

I step back and admire your uniform. It’s a white one-piece nurse’s dress with four buttons down the front. You’re wearing ultra-sheer white stockings underneath your dress. You stand there with your hands on your hips with a smirk like you’re enjoying this.

“Are you done yet?” you say with your best effort not to laugh.

I stand there for a moment and say “No. Are you wearing thighs highs underneath there?”

“You are Unbelievable!!!!” you say as you turn around and head towards the kitchen knowing that I’m right. “Come on we have to get ready to go out to dinner.”

“Oh come on!! We have plenty of time. Show them to me.”, I plead with you as I follow you into the kitchen in my towel.

I corner you in the kitchen and lean into you as I push myself up against the front of your body ever so gently and say, “Please, for me?” I kiss your cheeks and repeat my pleading in almost a whisper.

You feel butterflies in your stomach at this point as your lips begin to quiver. My towel drops to the floor by accident. I’m standing naked in the kitchen kissing your neck and your lips. You wonder how you got to this point but you don’t care. You feel so alive right now.

You take your hands up from your sides and begin to unbutton the top few buttons of your dress. You begin to take your arms out of the sleeves. You get my attention as we look into each other’s eyes. You let your let your dress drop to the floor.

“Is this what you wanted to see?” you say in a low voice.

I step away and admire the fruits of my pleading and say “Oh yes hun. You look so beautiful right now.”

You’re wearing a white see-thru bra, a see-thru thong, and gorgeous white lacy thighs. I step back in and begin to kiss you while I reach around to undo your bra. I undo your bra and you slip out of it as I kiss your breasts and play with your nipples. I feel your hand on my cock and it instantly starts to throb. After some time I run my hand down to your pussy and I can feel your wetness through your panties.

You look up at me and say, “Take me. Right now. Right here.”

I say, “No. We have to get ready for dinner.”

You look at me and say, “Tom!! You did this to me. Take me now right here.”

I sigh and say “OK. I have to finish what I started.”

You say, “Damn right you do.”

I grab a chair and proceed to sit down. I grab a condom out of my bag and say, “Go ahead and put it on.”

You get on your knees and proceed to slide it on. You get up and slide your panties off and proceed to mount me with your tits in my face. You lean forward on the chair and your tits just cover my face. You proceed to move your hips up and down on my cock. In the meantime I lick and kiss your nipples and you look back on your handy work with my cock. I start to moan as it feels so good with your pussy on my cock. It feels so tight and wonderful. Your moans get louder as you put one hand on your clit and the other on the back of the chair for stability.

I start to fuck you from the underside and I hear you moan even louder as you massage your clit with such passion. I can see the sweat forming on the back of your neck and it turns me on even more. I fuck you even harder and the moans get louder. Periodically, you stop and grind your pussy against my cock just to make sure it’s hitting every part of your pussy.

You stop for a moment and say, “Stay put.”

You turn 180 degrees with my cock in your pussy. I am amazed at how good that feels and I let out a moan. I spread my legs and you lean forward. You begin to fuck me leaning forward with your hands resting on my knees. You begin pounding cock up and down with great intensity. You begin to moan loudly. I look at you and see the sweat forming on your back and I’m so turned on by it. You go to town and just pound my cock into your pussy. This goes on for what seems like eternity as my cock is getting ready to explode.

I stop us for a moment and whisper, “Let’s try something else.”, letting you take the lead. You take your long thigh high laden legs and position yourself against a chair and a table with your pussy begging for me to cum in.

You say in a sly voice, “How’s doggie?. I can get off really quick from here.”

“I say good because your pussy is giving me a workout.”, with a quivering voice.

“Oh what’s the matter stud? Am I too much for you?”, you say in a taunting voice. You know taunting me is going to work out in your favor. That’s why you do it.

“Oh sweetheart you’re going to be walking funny for the next couple of days.” I say with confidence defending my manhood.

“Bring it on stud.”, you say with a sly smirk on your face.

I take my fingers and rub your pussy lips and insert a finger to hit your g-spot. I take my thumb and hit your clitoris at the same time. It sends electricity through your body as you bite your bottom lip. I do this for a few moments and you let out some half-hearted screams and moans. I slide my cock into your pussy and it goes in with ease. I start a few rhythmic thrusts. I hear you moan softly and then I give a very hard thrust and you scream because it catches you off guard. I start again with a few light thrusts. I give you another hard thrust and you scream again. Your scream sounds almost like crying because your pussy is so sensitive.

I begin to pound your pussy with such great intensity as you place on hand on your clit. I’m hitting you so hard that your moaning is peppered with screams. I straddle your back and look down at your back as I’m hitting your pussy and the beads of sweat from my nose hit the small of your back.

I let out a few moans as I come close to blowing my load. You’re screaming with such intensity as you orgasm and your legs begin to quiver and shake. I grab your hips and hold you there as I’m banging you so hard to get off. I blow my load and let out a big moan. You’re shaking with your face down on the kitchen table and out of breath.

I pull out and sit down on the chair and pull you on top of my lap. I put my arms around you as we regain our composure. We are both sweaty and smell of great sex. I kiss your neck and your shoulders and you are like jelly in my arms. I reach down for my towel and begin to wipe the sweat from your face and neck. You don’t say a word as you look at me and we begin to kiss for a few minutes.

You look at the clock and say, “Well it’s 9pm and I don’t feel like doing anything. I’m beat. This night is shot. I’m hungry though.”

I say, “Well let’s order a pizza. You can’t go wrong with that.”

“Yeah why not.”, you say with reluctance. You grab the phone from the wall in the kitchen without getting out of my lap. You place the order and put the phone back on the wall. We begin to kiss for a bit more as we can’t get enough of each other.

Not realizing the time we hear a knock at the door. It can only be the pizza guy. You jump up scurrying for money and a robe. I reach over to my wallet on the window sill and get some money and stroll to the door naked.

I yell to you, “I’ll get it.”

You look down the hallway and to your horror, you realize I’m going to open the door naked as a jay bird and pay the pizza guy. You run down the hallway and shuttle me back into the kitchen while telling the pizza guy to hold on.

I break out in laughter as I hear you pay him while I’m still butt naked in the kitchen. You’re face is so red because you’re angry with me at the moment. You grab the pizza and walk out into the kitchen.

You start to scold me, “Tom I have to live in this neighborhood and don’t need you answering my door naked. People will talk.”

I just ignore you and say,”Wow, I’m starved. Let’s eat.”

You realize the humor in this situation because you’re yelling at a naked man in your kitchen eating pizza. You bust out laughing. You just shake your head and say, “Tom you’re insane.”

I just agree with you with a nod and a mouthful of pepperoni pizza.

We grab the pizza and some plates and go in to the family room. I grab the bottle of Chardonnay from the fridge with two wine glasses. I turn off all the lights. I light the candles in the family room. We lean against the sofa on the floor. You take off your robe because it’s a bit hot. By now the AC is at full blast and we wrap ourselves in a single thin blanket.

We eat our pizza naked under a blanket with Chardonnay by candlelight. We feed each other and wipe the sauce from each other’s chin.

It’s been a memorable night.

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