a nice soft warm body  

druidrocker 63F
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8/16/2006 6:13 pm
a nice soft warm body

a nice soft warm body - pillow

OK - so they have been around like "forever" - but I never got one because - well I had an actually body and then when I didn't - I thought - how sad and pathetic - but - I finally saw this really big fat fluffy one covered in red wide corduroy - it just looked so comfy and the deep dark red matched my bedroom colors - and it was at Sam's Club - so it was cheap.

Well - damn - either I am glad I waited until the right one came along - kinda sounds like a man - or I have been missing something for too long - but - I am sleeping like a dead woman. Holy crap - this thing feels soo good to snuggle my ass against and best of all - it doesn't snore.

Now if only I could figure a way to attach my favorite toy - I would be in love !

willieatermuff 44M

8/19/2006 8:45 pm

I would happily give up my 5 pillows for the use of your 2 pillows anytime! *wink* lol

willieatermuff 44M

8/19/2006 3:41 pm

I make a good pillow, and I come fully assembled with my own toy ready to go! No batteries required, but buy now, as there is a limited supply... lol Pillows are great, I sleep with five myself, anything less and I'm not sleepin.

druidrocker replies on 8/19/2006 4:10 pm:
ah sleep - I guess we would have to lucky pillows

vrec_dawn 41M

8/17/2006 5:42 pm

I'm sure there's like velcro or elastic ways of attaching toys... Of course the one thing it won't do is warm you up on a cold winter day. Plus it probably gives pretty bad backrubs.

druidrocker replies on 8/17/2006 7:08 pm:
OK - so some men are not replaceable by a pillow - I guess I will have to keep my options open - thanks for reminding me.

JazzDlight 60F

8/17/2006 3:49 am

lol you are too funny....I want to go to Sam's club with you next time pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.

druidrocker replies on 8/17/2006 4:39 pm:
no problem - body pillows for everybody !

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