Why do we never see our own possibilities ?  

druidrocker 63F
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7/1/2006 6:21 am
Why do we never see our own possibilities ?

I know it's not just me - I have many friends that never know how "great" they are.

People who have spirits that just glow and would take on the world to help anybody with anything. Yet they would never for a moment ask others for help.

People who always think how attractive others are but look at a picture of themselves and think - O M G - do I really look like that? (Well not the picture I have posted here - this is only the 3rd picture in my whole life that I didn't hate - the other 2 are from 20 + years ago)- and yes it's only from last year so I really do look like this - except the way I am sitting and the black clothing hide the less attractive parts of my anatomy).

What has me thinking along these lines are that in the past week I have been contacted by VERY young men - (ya, I know - you can't please me - too old - too young - but seriously I am talking 23 and 20 - even I must draw a line someplace) - and also guys with mussel magazine bodies.
I have turned down these invitations to enjoy the splendor of their company - why - oh, not because I am such a good person and want to spare them any wasted time - oh no - it's because I am embarrassed that I may not be "good enough" and don't want to feel their rejection.
So - here I sit a reasonable attractive, intelligent, sensual, caring, free to be me woman - all alone - again - because I can't get past my feelings of not being "good enough". I have to wonder - I am always telling other people to "go for it" and address endlessly how I would not judge people solely on their looks or age but I am doing it to myself.
So - I have to wonder - I am just extremely realistic about myself - pool-table legs, old lady stomach and ass or am I just scared?

ApterMatesTrots 43M
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7/11/2006 5:44 am

Yeah , more than one Issue , more than one Post ...

It dosent MATTER what YOU look like TO YOU ! It matter what YOU look like to THE PERSON THAT WANTS TO FUCK YOU !

I know Bodybuilders that will fuck NOTHING but Fat ppl . Not just males , either . Its their thing , its how they "Roll" . (sorry , couldnt resist the Pun !) Its what they want to see , and what getsa their Penis hard . OF those ppl , if some of them happen to be great looking to you , THOSE are the ones you REJECT ? WTF is THAT about ? INDULGE ! Its JUST SEX !!! Get off on them , and let them get off on you . You seem to feel guilty if you get your way totally ! Why is that ? Let that Guilt shit GO , and make TWO ppl happy ! Lke D said THEY halve already TOLD you that you are "Good Enough" for them by CONTACTING you ! Its really not UP to you , no Offense ! Its not your descision to make ! THEY want you , why deny them , because they make you TOO Horny ? Im sorry , Im not following ...

And well , its not like you didnt have fun in the Sack if you DONT make some deep interpersonal connection of some type , you know ? Just enjoy the Experience and move on .

ANd if YOU feel that YOU need to get rid of the Mirrors , you need to find an Active Hobby . Shoot hoops , play Water Polo , join a Kickboxing Gym , do Something that moves your Body through space . But DONT Attatch this to your Sexual "Worthieness" in ANY way . Someone wants you and they make you Horny DO EM ! Anything else is wasting yoru life , but if you want to look better Lift Weights r take a Dance class and do it for yourself . Do it so you look in the Mirror and cant refuse the Urge to Masturbate ! heck , just do it because no one should feel negatively about themselves .

ApterMatesTrots 43M
6 posts
7/11/2006 5:28 am

Id like to Reinforce what BigD said , and Admonish you for your Response . You basically SAID OUT LOUD that you were wrong , but reading your following sentances you still arent giving him a chance , and it still seems to be only predicateed in the lads age .

The question is Why ? Why does he only have a "Friend" in allentown , and not a possible Lover ? Youll Pray for him ? He wants you to LAY for him ! Im not saying this to get the lad laid , Im saying it for YOUR sake ! The fact is that mens bodies dont get any better than they are in their twenties ! He knows the score , and youre not going to marry him , just enjoy him Physically ! You SAID that you truly enjoyed that MFM experience you had , why are you tstaunching yourself from having another ? In other words , why are you defending yourself from an Orgasm ? And what IS it you think youre defendng yourself FROM ? A Hard , Young Penis with a Short Refractory Period connected to a Strong healthy back ? umm ... okay ... I mean , is their somethign about Stoft-ons failing hairlines and Saggy Balls that does it for you in particular ? If not I just dont get it .

Go out , find yourself a young BOY - I mean like 18 - and put it on him . And dont give me this "He Wont know What To Do" Jazz like Tracy - You TELL him and hell be so happy to be there that hell obey , Trust me . And hell be ABLE to do it the more times !

vrec_dawn 41M

7/1/2006 6:52 pm

Well, I'd love to tell you that you are all that. And I will. At least what I've seen of you. (Which so far is mostly your personality, which is very nice indeed.) I can't comment on the legs, stomach, or ass as I've yet to see them.

But in saying this I'm also possibly the world's largest hypocrite right now, as I feel about myself exactly the same way you do.

Well, not that anyone is banging on my door right now, but still, I probably have a lot more value than I give myself credit for too.

But I'll never admit to it.

druidrocker replies on 7/2/2006 6:22 am:
All together now -
I have worth -
I am just as good as anybodyelse -
People will like me for who I am -
where is the donut ?
Can I have another beer ?

I hope we all feel better now.

As for you dear sir - YES - you are worth more than you think !

JazzDlight 61F

7/1/2006 4:45 pm

We seem to be our own worse critics. Hugs, Jazz )

druidrocker replies on 7/2/2006 6:18 am:
You got that and after reading these comments - how stupid is that ?

THANKS for the HUG ! Back atcha !

LoftsLikenBided 32M

7/1/2006 9:55 am

Here is how i feel because i'm guessing i'm one of the very young guys who contacted you. You shouldn't have to worry about not being "good enough" or being rejected becuase they contacted you first so there must have been an attraction of some sort that led them to you. I'm not just writing this to try and improve my status with you either because only you know what you want but i just thought i'd share my opinion and hopefully give you a boost at the same time. I know i wouldn't go after somebody and then when they wanted you back, turn around and say no, you're not good enough.

druidrocker replies on 7/2/2006 6:16 am:
Allrightythen - how embarrassing is this.

Please let me apologize for assuming I know what you are thinking without even knowing you. Thank you for having the mental and obviously spiritual maturity to comment here - and so nicely put.

The offer I made regarding being friends still stands. If you get home on leave - let me know you are coming and I will take you out for a cold one (provided you are legal by then - if not - we could do coffee or something) and we could talk.

You earned yourself a little extra prayer.

Be safe and remember - you've got a friend in PA.

sassy1296 52F

7/1/2006 7:02 am

Everyone at some time in their lives has doubts about them self. Hell i have a friend who tells me she would kill to be my size and look like I do. I look at her and think you must be friggin nuts.

We are our own worst critic. It took me a long time to get to the point where i could say... I am who I am, I look like I look, if that is not good enough for you , than you are the one missing out on getting to know me. Cause I am more than a body... I am a mind that is wonderful.

You just have to be you.

druidrocker replies on 7/2/2006 6:04 am:
I totally agree - and rationally - I absolutely agree - but then there is this mirror thing. I guess I have to stop tying to think for the other person and learn to enjoy the situations that work out and accept that it was worth the chance if it doesn't.

Thank you for taking the time to write.

tracy_de_lacy 106F
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7/1/2006 6:56 am

Ya got it wrong. Firstly knocking back the muscles generally stops you from getting spammed. The young uns are atually a waste of your time and energy. They ain't good enough cos they don't know what you need them to know. How they gonna make you happy??? Self doubt ids healthy as long as it isn't an obsession.

Well thats just my opinion...hope its a good enough one for ya ;*

Bye everyone, it was a blast

druidrocker replies on 7/2/2006 6:01 am:
You could be right about the "spam" but I have to say - when I was in my late 30's I had a MWM w/a 20 and 22 year old - trust me - they knew what they were doing - as the song says "Oh, what a night".

Thanks for taking the time to write.

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