druidrocker 63F
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6/30/2006 4:43 pm

I wrote this - it's about a lover I miss. I hope you like it but it doesn't really matter - I wrote it for myself.


I’m laying here waiting
Waiting for you
To come make me beautiful
Make me feel real

Your touch gives me color
It brings me to life
I explode into the void
Feeling every nerve

Your fire ignites me
Cools down my heat
Sparks from your fingers
Control all my senses

Sweet beautiful release
Tender soothing pain
Pleasure that defies limits
Sensualism uncommon to most

My soul is scorched
I’m hooked on your drug
I can’t breathe without you
Your force is my remedy

Calm gentle simple spirit
Radical infinite silken energy
Inspired teacher of contradictions
Penetrating all of my layers

My skin glows with your sweat
Blending our bodies
Worship irreverent and yearning
Fulfilled by your vigilance

Relieved of all pretensions
Opened to all possibilities
Needs acknowledged and answered
Gifts given and received

Once is too much
And never enough
Come overwhelm me
I’m waiting for you

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