Another lonely weekend for the good doctor  

drspikehorndog 51M
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5/21/2006 10:05 pm
Another lonely weekend for the good doctor

You know some friends at work and I were talking about women and we realize that the women in the Florida and the area where I live especially(Pasco county) are the worst at finding a compatible mate. None of us could find a reason at why. I know I went to the local high school here, and I made out fine, so I know it has nothing to do with the educational system. I lived up north for about 8 years, and though I hated the enviroment, I had no problem obtaining a date. I hate to sound cruel, but are the women in Florida retarded or something? No wonder so many women in Pasco county wind up divorced or as single mothers. They have no clue as to what it takes to make a relationship. Okay ladies, here are a few pointers to help you find the ideal mate.

1. First realize that you are going to get most of your drinks free anyway(because of it being ladies night, or the bartender) so getting a free drink from some guy doesn't make him a future husband.
2. If the man doesn't dance, then what else will he not do for you in a relationship?
3. If his first words from his mouth are "can I buy you a drink?" and not "hello my name is" doesn't that tell you he could care less on who you are, but more so, how to get you drunk?
4. If you are dancing with your friends and he intrudes on your dancing without asking, this may be a sign of him intruding on an affair with one of these friends without asking?
5. No matter what some dating guru claims is successful with woman, a REAL gentleman never insults or makes wisecracks about a lady, even if it is intended to be funny.
6. The ideal date is not the local bar on karaoke night(no matter how much you enjoy it) but something imaginative(picnic, grocery shopping?).
7. No matter how good he dresses, the clothes do not make the man, the soul does.
8. If his first love runs on gasoline and oil, and not love, respect, faith, and romance, buy him a quart of oil and send him on his way.
9. If a man approaches you at a bar, and his eyes don't see only you, just imagine what his eyes see when you aren't with him.
10. Before you decide to sleep with a man, remember who has to carry a mistake for 9 months, 18 years, and thousands of dollars.

Now Florida women(those of you that can read). There are real men waiting for you. Wake up, get your head out of the clouds(or exhaust fumes), and be the woman you should be.

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