pre dinner tease  

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10/19/2005 7:24 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

pre dinner tease

my little pet "FS" is waiting to catch up with me tomorrow. So looking forward to my time with her and who wouldn't when her mood is as good as this... an email she sent me tonight

Email 1

So I went and had my waxing done...medium to ouch-ish on the pain side...

God I can't keep my hands out of my pants...I love being waxed...the entire time I was at the gym I was fantasing about fucking you, you going down on me, me coming with your fingers inside me and your tongue on my clit....

If you don't turn up tomorrow there will be some SERIOUS sulking happening...I haven't looked forward to a fuck date this much in a long time...I am so damn horny!!

Email 2 (1 hour later)

As an update on how my evening unfolded...I got not one little scrap of work done...I gave in to the overwhelming desire to run my fingertips over myself...then before I knew it my fingers were inside me...and I was coming...and it ran down my fingers...over my hand...before I caught it with my tongue...and licked my fingers reminded me of having your cock in my mouth today, as I sucked on them...god I can't wait to fuck you...

so this will be my time with her tomorrow for at lest 2hrs ... hot mad sex that i can say i enjoy to no end, we do know how to please each other.

Today i turned up to see her knowing that she would not give me sex until she had waxed her little pussy. (she knows how much i love it) So we talked and we talked. "FS" made me a coffee, she makes the best coffee. And while i waited for her to return, i thought how nice it was to spend this time with her and i wish i could give her more than a few hours at a time.

As she placed the coffee down on the table she looked at me a said take your pants of i need your cock in my mouth now . Well what was i to do but do as i was told. This was my reward for just being there ...... and god she gives head like no other. The time she spends making sure i am pleased till my come fills her mouth makes me crazy inside this i would take every day if i could, and "FS" so wants to give every day.

well i will leave it there and inform you of my time with "FS" tomorrow very soon..

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