Keeping Casual Relationships Casual  

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9/4/2006 9:13 am
Keeping Casual Relationships Casual

Avoid serious discussion topics-Scenario: You have several exes and she is emerging from a troublesome relationship. While it’s an easy way to get a conversation going, you’re ultimately heading in the exact opposite direction of your goal to keep it casual. If you begin down a path that includes heart-to-heart talks and -- god forbid -- “opening up,” you’re only a tweak away from the tears and gentle hugging that lead to her hooking onto you in dire neediness.

Play up your demanding job-This is related to the classic, “I’ve got an early morning tomorrow,” which was designed to escape dangerous and very unappealing predicaments. You must make the following point in order to solidify a no-strings-attached relationship: You work long hours at a job that could take you out of town at the drop of a hat; therefore, you cannot commit to anything because you lead a very hectic life.
Not only is she going to have to take advantage of her time with you while you’re available, but women love guys who are busy. What’s sexier than a guy who lives in the fast lane? You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone by using this tactic.

Choose meeting locations carefully-The key to maintaining a casual relationship is to target casual environments. Go for a pleasant chat at an all-night diner or a simple stroll through the business district with her, but focus on making easy conversation and breezy banter. If you’re adjourning to that romantic hole-in-the-wall cafĂ© or opting for a stroll along the beach on your first date, you’re ignoring the impact of such locations and the inevitable female reaction of falling in too deep. Think: loud music and fun times, not quiet, quaint and intimate.

Casually make plans-When you get to a certain point in a serious relationship, a date on the weekend is implied and phone calls are made daily -- at first just to make plans. Before you know it, the phone calls are made to check in and if you miss a call you’ll hear about it. In short -- the obligations begin to pile up.
In order to combat the horrible daily dial-in with this girl, always make simple plans toward the end of the evening. Something along the lines of, “Hey, a friend of mine gave me a couple tickets to a show this weekend and I don’t really want to go alone.” Do not leave this open ended by saying, “Well, give me a call if you feel like it.” Make a set plan for a set time and tell her you’ll call her the day before to see if she’s still up for it. Then don’t call her until then.

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