Intro to spank-101  

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Intro to spank-101

before you rev up your hand- In a perfect world, if you wanted to spank your woman, you would just do so and care nothing for the consequences, because, in a perfect world, there would be none. Unfortunately, that's not how it works in the real world. except in israel.Before you begin spanking her, you have to first find out if she would actually enjoy the feeling of an open hand coming into slightly harsh contact with her buttocks. If she has ever displayed a liking for dominant sex or enjoys running her nails down your back, then spanking her is surely a go.

what to spank with- While you have the option of spanking a butt with a paddle, a whip, or an abundance of other props, I strongly recommend that you start off with your hand. Besides the hand is best as it allows you to get the full feel of the ass-spanking connection

onto the spanking- Now before you start warming up your hand in preparation, remember that there are correct and incorrect ways to spank woman. You can't just start smacking away at her ass like a maniac. No, you need to learn the appropriate way to spank her. That way, it will be enjoyable for her and you will get a thrill out of her reaction. Of course, you have the option of spanking your woman before, during or after sex. But to start, you should spank her exclusively

1. Warm-up- Obviously, I don't mean that you should jog around the block; rather, rub your hands together to ensure that they're warm when they connect with her skin.
2. Choose the Hand- Although right-handed people tend to use their right hands, you can opt to use whichever hand you're more comfortable with -- or even both, just not at the same time.
3. One Cheek at a Time Just to reiterate; never smack both cheeks at the same time; not only will you not be able to do your spanking adequately, you may end up hurting her, in a bad way
5. Position yourself Place yourself in a position where you're able to maneuver freely and accurately. The last thing you want to do is smack her on her back or thigh
6. Keep your hand tight By keeping your hand solid and slightly cupping your hand, you ensure a nice sound, a slight sting and a whole lot of pleasure.
7. Smack it up Remember that you're aiming for the meatiest part of her butt, which is the middle. After you actually slap her cheek, rub the area with your hand for a moment before you attempt to have another go at it.
8. Make sure you have ample room If you want to spank that bottom right, you need to ensure that you have enough room to raise your arm freely and spank it accordingly. Sit or stand in a position where your arm can swing freely. This leaves less room for unintended mis-smacks
9. Keep the butt in plain view Her butt should be bare and fully visible for the act. She can be in the doggy position (tight-butted) or lying down flat (loose butted) -- so long as her butt is easily accessible to your hand. Even when she's riding you, you can still spank her sufficiently.
10. Maintain control Don't ask things like Can I do it harder?

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Hmm sounds like you have some experience with this

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