The Chicken Soup guy Must Die  

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8/4/2006 9:40 pm

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The Chicken Soup guy Must Die

Have you ever been so completely in awe of someone only to find out the facade is just that, a persona created to sell their product. I came to that realization today when listening to an interview of one of the creators of a popular book series and franchise. Things started out fine enough, as he discussed the trials and tribulations of starting out. Their dream of helping to enrich people's lives with hope for a new day and a renewed faith in life. How they struggled with it all and are now being rewarded for helping to enlighten millions of readers the world over. I was delighted to have the opportunity to be a part of this. Then began the discussion on the new book and a particular chapter in this book which has been considered quite controversial.

In this particular segment of the interview, he discussed how some people in order to get ahead must stop blaming others for the outcome of their lives and actually take responsibility for them, which I personally believe to be quite a valid point. No one likes a whiner who points the finger at everyone else but the person truely to blame, themselves. At this point, I am actually enjoying myself and completely agreeing with his philosophy on how to achieve what you want in life. Then he did it. Yup, he did it. He made the biggest mistake a person in his position can make. He allowed is own personal views on people into the conversation.

I, personally, believe in the freedom of speech. If you want to curse the world and every race in it, please, be my guest, while I exit through the front door. Say what you would like, be as mean as you'd like it is your own opinion and if no one likes it they don't have to hear. MY problem at this point in time were the examples he gave to bring his point home on how people need to take responsibility. He stated that even if you were a black woman living in the south, or a single mother raising two children, or an indian or chinese man does not give you the right to shift the blame off of yourself. You alone are responsible for the outcome of your life. Events merely happen it is up to you to make the most of it. I was personally offend by the tone in his voice when he made these statements. As if to say just because you might have been victims of racism or if you were left to your own devices as a single parent (which by the way for as many of the single parents that I do know I don't really hear any of them blame things on anyone except for the bastard that left and even that is pretty much a rarity).

I felt crushed, hear is a man preaching to millions stories of triumph and overcoming odds, yet he blatantly degrades the same black woman in the south that seeks his book for some comfort after being harrassed or discriminated against. He demeans a single mother who after working two jobs to provide for her children reads them excerpts from his book before bed in hopes they will take these words to heart. How about that fact that he implied that the south (by that he meant the south-eastern portion of the US) was racist I know to believe racism is gone completely is foolish, but to assume it is the same as it was before integration is not only foolish and stereotypical, but absurd, especially seeing as how now racism is no longer limited to the south or blacks. Making such broad statements while being in the public eye, is not completely ignorant but not to mention completely degrading to the same people that are allowing him to afford that shiny new lexus which he also happened to mention during this interview, along with how he found it so difficult to write out a million dollar check to someone. Boo freakin' hoo, how hard it must be to be you. To be so self-righteous praising good for your fortune when some people are struggling to feed their children with a smile on their face just grateful to be able to tuck their children into bed.

Sorry about the rant, but sometimes when I see people have so much at the expense of people who don't then use them as a negative example tends to get under my skin a bit.

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