I know that did not just happen  

drkwaterz 37F
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7/31/2006 7:48 pm

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8/5/2006 5:10 pm

I know that did not just happen

I once believed that life was filled with coincidence and that no matter what happened, it could all be explained. This, however, is no longer the case. I have come to realize that the things we call coincidence are really no more than destiny showing up at our day saying, "Hey there, thought I forgot about you huh? Well, guess what? I'm throwing you for a loop today!"

The reason for my change in view isn't something that comes from my personal experience but from that of a close friend. She had, also, been one to chalk it up to coincidence, until one night which seems like a million years ago. We tend to joke about it now. My favorite is when she says with a slight grin on her face and scared look in her eyes how she must have been Hitler in her past life or is it when she says some former love of hers must have placed a spell on her.

That night she met the man that what turn her life upside-down and inside-out. She didn't know it then but he would haunt her, even after he was gone. Even now, with a thought or glance he's there, letting her know he will never leave her.
The worse part is for as much as she does try to continue on with her life, it's as if he won't allow it. When she becomes interested in someone something happens and a huge reminder of him flashes brighter than ever.

I have begun to see the things she speaks of especially as of late. We could be discussing anything, then she begins to smile and act like the friend I know and love, then, everytime without fail, whether it be a song, person walking down the street yelling out his name (which believe me is a very rare name)or even a license plate!

After seeing what she spoke of first hand I began to examine my life. Still I have to wonder if this destiny or fate plays as big a hand as she claims. I find that no matter what happens in our lives we still have a choice in the matter. Free will right? Destiny may show us the path of our actions, but with every action we take and not take our destinies change. So how can one be sure of where our destiny leads us if it is constantly evolving second by second. Has my destiny changed because of my writing this particular post and not one on what my favorite position is? What is your take on the matter? Do you believe life is merely a series of coincidences? Or are we simply moving through a life where we have no real effect on things seeing as how everything is mapped out? Maybe your like me and believe that destiny lies in the eye of the beholder ever changing and shifting with every step,word, and breath?

tenorsaxxman 67M

7/31/2006 9:01 pm

I believe there are many alternate destinies awaiting the results of our free will. Whichever path we take has a series of possible outcomes, determined by our own actions and the actions of others. Given the number of people on the planet and our own compound connections, the possibilities are endless. Or not.


rm_douglhers 42M
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8/1/2006 12:24 am

Control is an illusion, we do our best to make a path for our selves but there are many curves on the road of life, and who knows what may be just around the bend?

rm_Gordy012000 47M

8/5/2006 3:37 am

Wow.....I have noticed that your writing skills have improved vastly over the past few weeks. That one has the capability to actually draw me in and most the time, other peoples writing doesn't have that draw on me.

Good job.

I believe everything is fate. Every single thing that happens in your life no matter how small and insignificant. If you walk out the door, slip on some ice and break your leg.....it's fate. I once did a job for a retired hypnotherapist who had spent his career investigating past lives and related issues. He told me that in every session where a person was able to journey into their past life, it all began in the middle east. I'm sure we have all occupied the body of the opposite sex in a past life. Who really knows?

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