20 hours of Foreplay  

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8/3/2006 5:40 pm

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20 hours of Foreplay

To say that I enjoyed the company of a particular individual, which for blog purposes I'll call Joe, would be a great understatement. I should probably give a bit of background, so I'll give you guys the short version.

We met through a mutual friend that I was just so happened to be "friendly" with. For one reason or another, whenever we would speak Joe would always be present (making it a bit odd when we began to talk dirty to one another, but it also made it a it more exciting). Then one day this friend asked Joe to keep me entertained as he tended to certain issues. Well, turned out Joe and I had quite a bit in common and continued to keep in touch.

Seeing as the whole friend situation didn't really make things easier, we ended up having to sneak around to talk to each other (which once again made things all the more interesting).

Then we met in person. How it occurred and why has it's own hysterical back story which, chances are I will divulge at a later date. At was quite sweet and innocent. As if finally getting together with a long lost friend. Yet that feeling fell by the waste side rather quickly.

The physical tension continued to grow throughout the evening. With every turn of phrase used or smile given, it was all I could do to keep my sanity around Joe. Our conversation flowed effortlessly, and the ease I felt with him was surprising. By the end of the night, I sooooo wanted him. The only thing was we had both decided to remain friends (partly because of the mutual friend and partly because he was on the rebound and we didn't want to ruin or complicate our friendship with sex).

Needless to say, that went flying out the window by our next meet. The tension between us was so thick it was almost suffocating. We began to kiss and touch one another, pressing our bodies against each other feeling our desires escalate. Yet that was all we did. For as badly as I wanted him that uncertainty of what could happen between us not only prevented us from having sex, but actually allowed us to experience something on a much deeper level.

The intimacy shared between us was unbelievable. Throughout our touching, tasting, and exploration of each other, our dialog continued. We spoke of hopes, fears, dreams and past, while staring into each others eyes. It felt as if we had been together for years. I personally have had relationships that have lasted quite sometime and never reached this level of intimacy (I know that is really sad).

This continued for the next three meets, each about seven hours long). On our third meet, I can not be sure if it was the long glance we shared or the wave of pleasure that grew through out my body as he lightly traced ever curve with his lips, but I knew I would not be able to control myself for much longer. Which is quite surprising seeing as how I have excellent self control. Need less to say that night I felt an orgasm like no other, leaving my legs shaking and head dizzy with even the thought of him. Even now when I know I am going to see him, I find my body preparing itself for the night ahead. Throbbing with the notion that I may soon be fulfilled once again. Now for as much as I would love to give away all the dirty details of this 20 hour escapade that left me no longer needing anything more but him, the only thing that I actually will say is being friends first definitely has its perks.

As for Joe and I, things are hotter than ever! With every passing day not only does our friendship grow but so does everything else.

rm_douglhers 42M
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8/4/2006 7:38 am

Joe, what a lucky boy you are.... Hope i can have this much fun some time...

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