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8/16/2006 6:15 pm

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Flat Tires

Some times it seems no matter how good things are going there is always a Flat Tire to deal with. (if the picture works its a flat tire on my truck mentioned in an earlier entry).

I've noticed that when things seem to be going great that something always comes up (the flat tire that bogs everything down), and until that problem is dealt with nothing else seems to work. I'm go to call them my flat tires in life.

How we deal with these problems very by the circumstances. Some times we can limp along to a safe place, where there is someone to help (if you know anything about big trucks you know you can't just jack it up and through the spare on ,and go on down the road). Some times all we can do is put everything on hold until the problem is taken care of.

How we deal with our problems varies from person to person (what works for you may not work for someone else but your experiences may be a guide to a solution). I want advise, I need advise. If I don't follow to the letter remember you don't know the whole story and will be used as a guideline only. Life isn't like math where 1+1=2 there are no set rules we are individuals, what works for you may or may-not work for me, or anyone else.

We all have to deal with our flat tires in the way that best suits the circumstances we find ourselves.

I don't know about you but do you try to give set rules for someone elses problems?

Do you get upset if it seems after giving advise the person doesn't use it? I know sometimes I do.

What kind of flat tires have you had lately? Did you seek help from others?

Have a Great Day and may you never have a flat to ruin it.


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