Interesting conversation....  

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10/5/2005 1:23 pm

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Interesting conversation....

I have spent the better part of an hour now chatting online with a lady about sex. Not lets have sex, but more along the lines of why do guys look at other ladies for sex when they have someone at home kind of sex.

So I got to hear about why her husband, or should I say what her ex-husband did and she was curious why I though he did what she did. I meet her on the Hot or Not site, where she is a paying member and like here I am not. Just cheap I guess, or maybe it is I don't see the need to spend the money.

Any way here is some of what we talked about:

He was cheating because the girl he was seeing was on pills to and he knew he could get them without me suspecting because she was buying them so i didnt notice any money missing

Well sorry to hear that then..... I am sure that you will find someone, if that is what you are doing is looking..... otherwise I am sure that you and your daughter will be fine together and she will see the light someday like you did

Dang..... isn't that normally the other way around.... the girl does the guy for stuff....

I have been with him since i was 15 im not real sure how to go about lookin

You dont find to may guys around my age that want a girl with a kid and him take on the responsibility of someone elses baby

What is the urge about just different sex? or what. I mean what makes guys want to cheat. is it just to have better sex or just the thrill

I dont mean to be so blunt but i just thought maybe someone who hasnt done it could tellme

I think that it starts as anything, a physical attraction, an urge to see what is out there that you don't have.... to try and see if someone can make things different from what you have..... but in the end it is just sex, don't get me wrong sex is good, but when it is all said and done you get off and it is over....

Your right, do you think if a guy cheats that means hes not being satisfied with the sex hes getting from home?

No not nessisarily (spelling) he just wants to see what is out there, or maybe the urge pops up while freindly flirting and it is mutual that they just want to do something.... trust me I have been close. I had a young lady one time offer to do anything I wanted just because I was being nice to her (read flirting) and she was a very pretty young lady. but I don't mean to sound blunt, but if you close your eyes and your getting some it still will feel the same... at least that is my opinion, I am sure that some women or men have their special way of doing things, but it is still just getting some....

I mean take the hot or not site.... how many guys did you click yes to and how many did you click no to.... then think about why. I know even though I am just looking for chat I still clicked on the ones I thought were pretty and not the ones that looked, sorry to say, fat and ugly

So what do you think makes it better sex, or do you think sex is just sex

What do I think makes better sex... foreplay makes better sex.... the touching the holding, the just being together makes better sex. Just having sex is good, but it just isn't what I concider good sex. Kind of like the difference in a quicky and taking your time.

So you feel the way i do better sex has to be with someone you have feelings for knowing how to please the other person and knowing they can please you.

Yes.... I can agree with that

So do you think that sometimes a man or a woman just misses that JUST SEX feeling that is why they cheat. i mean it is hot if you want to call it that to have the excitment of just "fucking" sorry, as you could say.

I think it is more along the lines of just wanting not only just sex, but having sex with someone new, maybe learn a new trick or get to experince how someone else does something.... I mean geez's they have written hundreds of books about all the ways to have sex, but we still basically do the same things..... Forgive me, but kind of like the first time a guy goes down on a girl and doesn't know what they are doing, or a girl give a guy head.... and scrapes him with her teeth..... some people say at least how good they are and what they can do..... some people I am sure are better at somethings than others. Sex is just one of the things I am sure some people are better at than others.

Well i know that people say size doesnt matter. that it is how you use it. well size matters some. but i will tell you that i have found that oral sex is sometimes more satisfying than intercourse sometimes, no matter what size. and yes thier are some that are just better than others I dont mean to be so nasty or blunt but i mean a guy has a diffence in size but arent all women the same? what could be diffent

Well just from looking, I would say that no not all women are the same.... first obviously there is the size of the women, there is the fantisy of the movie stars and (I don't watch porn) if you watch them porn stars that just makes some guys want to do this. then there is their personalities... the thing that you see second after their looks.... some people just attract guys with how they talk and flirt....and this can go either way I am sure

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