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5/14/2006 7:56 pm
Yoga 4 Dudes

In my quest to lose some pounds for the summer, I have been considering things such as Pilates, and yoga. A lot of my friends said that it has worked for them and all kinds of nice things like I thought what the hell I should give it a shot. But being the cheep ass that I am, I decided to look for videos.

Is it me or does it seam like everyone has their own work out tape? I think I will shoot myself if I see a Marlon Brando work out DVD..I can see it right now "reach two, three, and that fridge door two, three, four..lift that chicken wing two, three, four" (May he rest in peace).

I had almost have given up hope until I heard of something called, Yoga4dudes. So I was like ok let me see what this is about.and went to the web page..this is what I was treated to

5,000 years of Hindu tradition, right out the frickin window!

Are you out of shape? Longing for spiritual enlightenment? Searching for the meaning of it all? Well we hope one day you attain all those things. Mean time, kick back and watch Yoga4Dudes!

Yoga4Dudes is to exercise videos what chicken nuggets are to health food: its not an exercise video at all, just beautiful, scantily clad women doing yoga!

Its perfect! No effort, no feeling of inadequacy, and above all, no thinking! Oh sure, you could buy a real yoga video and follow along but why would you want to do that? Just kick back and watch the hottest girls in the world do the workout for you, guilt free cause its all legitimate yoga. What an angle!

They bend, they stretch, they bend some more.

They bend a lot.

Yes, while the girls align their chakras, youll be elevating your bandha if you know what we mean!"

OK so let me get this shit right..I pay $20 to watch 3 chicks do yoga, half naked, and do crazy different types of moves??? They need to realize this THIS IS THE INTERNET I BET YOU CAN FIND SHIT LIKE THIS FOR FREE!!! I mean seriously I am not paying money so I can watch a few girls bend and twist in 50000 positions that is what Porn is for and they are naked in porn too

Also I do think that most women wouldnt be working out to this video either I dont knowbut I know that our world is soon coming to an end

Oh btw they are coming out with a new video..
Get down on the floor and work the balls!

From the team that brought you the infamous Yoga4Dudes, comes the hottest girls-in-their-underwear-bending-over-exercise-balls workout ever! Ballwork4Dudes!

Now lets be clear, you should not try these exercises at home. In fact, you won’t even be able to because you’ll be packing wood the size of the Washington Monument! What you should do is sit back, relax and watch the most gorgeous women in the world do them for you!

These women are beyond hot, they’re scorching hot. Their bodies are hot, their lingerie is hot, their attitude is hot. They also have beautiful minds.

Did we mention they’re hot?

They’re so hot, in fact, that the balls were hot when we finished the shoot! And yours will be too!

Yes, its all here: the Full-Frontal Third Leg Pull, the Up-Ended Hinie Thrust, and the has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed Pink-Ball Double Butt Balance!


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