I Didn't Plan the Peter Brady B-Day  

drew29561 53M
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7/17/2006 10:52 pm

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7/20/2006 12:31 pm

I Didn't Plan the Peter Brady B-Day

So there I was ready for my regular trip down to the local pub when the news came flying in "Birthday Bash Tonight", and I knew that this had to be a mistake. It seemed that the "Peter Brady" crowd had done it again and caused a lot of confussion over the next party. I in my excitement for a good time and some clean fun got ready for the fete.

I was all ready to prepare a signature dish of mine, Bananas Foster. Having been a real chef, not the colored letter kind of the chatroom, I had made this dish many times for family and friends. I made my list and checked it twice and then it happened, the party poopers started flying in on their broomsticks. After the barage of rotten fruit and vegetables thrown at me I decided it best to maybe just make the dish another time. Next the chat turned to "I'm not going and it's not a real party anyway" clabber. Evidently the real party had occured earlier and those that snoozed, were losers.

So after much cajolling and prodding I decided to at least go out to dinner before hand and then stop by my local pub for a frosty beverage anyway. It was OK, just a typical little Sunday night crowd with some spice thrown in from the group. There was cake and singing and thank god the only crying came the next day when the coven began to wail again. Ah, the coven, yes they seem to always rear their ugly head and bring the warlocks with them. It was now official, the Peter Brady B-Day Bash had been blamed on................

Ivanahump4 59F
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7/19/2006 4:53 am

ALICE!!! Damn...I always knew that housekeeper role was just a coverup for that sex-crazed meatloaf making witch she really is...
damn her...
Hope all is better soon Drew...
P.S. Would love to try the Bananas Foster

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