The Blindfold Lover.........part 3  

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8/31/2005 3:10 am

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The Blindfold Lover.........part 3


She had been waiting three long weeks, was beginning to believe the game was over, when out of nowhere he contacted her. Leaving her instructions in an offline messege. The instructions were for her to go the the wooded area behind her apartments and strip her clothing off, fold them and kneel upon them, and to put on her blindfold as was the rule. She was to be in the wooded area prepared at 5:30. Knowing that she wanted to continue the game, she began to prepare, nervous about the idea of being in the woods, but yet excited with the wonder of what would take place once he showed this time.

She headed into the woods at 5:00 making sure she would have plenty of time to prepare and not disappoint him, for she knew he would end the game if every instruction had not been followed. Taking the path out to the one spot she knew that was her favorite, knowing that whatever took place that there was not a chance of getting caught there, arriving at the spot, she began to undress, removing first her button up blouse, letting her fingertips graze across her large globes, then moving her hands to unfasten the white satin bra, removing it slowly and laying it upon the folded blouse, giving into temptation, and pinching her nipples litely, and fondling her breast as though it was her lovers hands, sliding her hands down the length of her body, to reach the waist of her shorts, sliding her fingers into the waist band and sliding the shorts down to her ankles and stepping out of them, then returning to do the same with her panties, that was a perfect match to the bra, folding them all and placing them in the folded pile that he wanted, looking at her watch, realizing she had a few minutes before he would show, she decided to do some exploring, sliding her hand across her hardening nipples and pinching them litely, then lifting it to slide her tongue across them watching as the puckered and hardened to her touch, sliding her tongue across it , then taking the nipple into her mouth wrapping her tongue, around that hard nipple, moving her other hand down to the junction between her legs, and sliding her hand over the shaved pussy, first just to know the feel, but then getting somewhat excited, she opened the slit and slid her finger against the clit, finding herself damp, and wanting to know more, she p;resses her finger a little harder against the clit and begins to rub it , feeling the sensation begin to build, wanting more, but knowing it was getting close to time for her lover, she stops with a sigh, and puts on her blindfold to await his arrival.

He had arrived a few minutes early, had found her playing and decided to watch her movements and the play she had began but had stopped after looking at her watch, he knew she was ready and wanting to be taken, but todays game was all for her, he had intentions of touching her in all the right spots and bringing her to completetion without even pentatrating her. Seeing that she was now in the position, with her blindfold in place, he stepped from behind the tree he had watched from and moved towards her. Feeling that he was there, she sat there very excited, waiting for his instructions or his touch. Without touching her he told her to stand, following his instructions she stood. He telling her that she should turn, he was going to lead her to a place and she needed to trust him. Standing behind her, guiding her from behind, he leads her to a tree, removing a rope from his pocket, he tells her to raise her arms and to put them together at the wrist, putting the rope across the limb of the tree he ties her hands together. Realizing he has tied her, she wonders what is going to happen, as the excitement builds, he places his hand upon her breast and whispers today my little slut, you will realize true pleasure, and know i will not take part in this pleasure other than as the giver. Nodding her head for she had not been given permission to speak, seeing she had acknowledged his statement, began to play, placing his hands upon her heavy large breast, playing with her nipples, squeezing them litely at first, then a little harder, then taking her nipples into his mouth letting his hand slide across and down her body from the neck to where ever he wants to, knowing she can not stop him, feeling every part from the neck, her breast , to her ribs, to the ass, letting his finger rub against her puckered ass, to the one sweet place that he will center his attention on today........moving down her body with his mouth and tongue, slowly moving to all the place his hand had found. Moving around her, making sure his tongue found all the same places, letting his tongue find her puckered asshole letting it slide across it , moving back to the front of her, without hesitation dropping to his knees in front of her, spreading her legs, and finding that small hid treasure he so wanted to please. Spreading her pussy lips , sliding his finger across it, then without a second thought he, slid his hot, wet tongue across that little button, first litely, hearing her gasp, then putting it against it a little harder, licking upon it and sliding his finger, gently into that damp pussy, hearing her begin to moan, knowing he wanted her to do more than just a little moaning he wanted to hear her beg to be finished, he wanted her to want to ride his tongue as though it was is cock buried deep inside her. knowing he could cause this reaction, he began to suck upon her clit, sliding first one finger inside of her, moving it in and out of her, feeling her get wetter, he slid a second inside of her, moving it in and out of her faster as he sucked and licked that hardening clit, fucking her harder with his fingers, feeling her getting wetter and wetter, listening to her moans, listening to the heavy breathing that had begun, moving behind her, he continued to finger her hot, wet pussy, using his other hand, he spread the cheeks of her ass and slid his tongue against her asshole, sliding it against it , until he had her good and wet, then moving his fingers from her pussy sliding it into her ass as he slid his tongue deep inside her nice wet cunt, sliding it deep into that hot dark hole, moving it as though it was his cock, in and out going deeper, and deeper, with every thrust, knowing she was moving against him with every thrust of his tongue, no longer moaning, but gasping and begging him to fuck her with that tongue, as he thrust his tongue into her, moving his fingers in and out of her ass, he could feel her moving against him, begging for more and more, until , he felt her cum all over his tongue, as he licked and licked til he had gotten every drop of her sweet nector, realizing she could take no more at this time...........he reaches to untie her hands, leaning into kiss her wanting her to taste herself , he whispers to her, in ten minutes you may dress and leave, but know this, i will return and as long as you follow my instructions, the game shall continue. I will contact you as i always do, i will call you or i will leave you an offline. But know this, the game will always be different, and when we are done with our game, i will reveal myself to you..................

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