The Blindfold Lover ....part 2  

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The Blindfold Lover ....part 2


She had sat and thought about their encounter and knew she had enjoyed it immensily. She sat wondering when the next time it would happen, she was excited about the idea of playing the game again, not caring that she knew not what he looked like, but she remembered the smell of his cologne, it was called " canoe". Knowing she would not forget that smell. She wondered when the next meet would take place, when he would call, and what his next demand would be. Sitting and thinking she would do all he wanted or asked of her.

She sat in front of her computer, when she saw the next messege from him, it saying prepared i will arrive tonight at 7, be sitting in a hot tub of water, with lots of bubbles...........remember your blindfold, to be without it the game will end. She began to prepare for the game tonight. She picked out a bubble bath that she liked, layed out four towels and a wash cloth, not really sure what was intended in the game that was about to continue. Looking at the clock, she notices that it is 630 and she must have everything order. Continuing with her task at hand she went and found her blindfold made sure the bed was made and prepared in case he decided to use it this time, and began to let the water flow in to the tub.

She checked to make sure the lock was undone on the door, went into the bathroom and placed the blindfold about her eyes and stepped into the tub sitting down in the bubblebath, hearing the outer door open, she leaned back to relax. Hearing him crossing the floor and entering her room , then the bathroom, as she felt him lean over and kiss her lips, but something was different, the cologne was not the same, the kiss was different, but thinking it wouldnt be the same as before, she knew he might have switched cologne.... it didnt bother her, she was willing and was excited to know what would follow this evening.

The man lowering himself next to the tub, found the washcloth she had layed on the vanity, picked it up and dipped it into the water, squeezing the water from the cloth and watching the water as it slid across her breast, not saying a word he ran the cloth across her breast and her nipples then following it with his tongue and mouth drawing them in and suckling upon them, as his hand and the cloth ran down the across her stomach and further down as he continued to play with her large, heavy breast, knowing that this woman was his to do with as he pleased.

He wondered if he should tell her he was not the one she had expected, but knew that his friend had told him he could not tell her that it was part of a game, and he wanted it to continue as such, he also followed the man's instructions and could not change the rules, for to do so, he would not be allowed to continue to play either.

He stopped thinking about the game, he found the lady in the tub was getting quiet excited by the movements of his hands across her body and the more he seen of her reaction the more he wanted to move the play to the bedroom, where he knew the other man awaited to watch as he had his way with this woman, and this excited him, he enjoyed someone watching as he fucked his lady friends , but normally his lady friends didnt get into that and that is the reason he played this game, it gave him what he desired. Turning to the man in the door he motioned that it was time and the man spoke to the lady telling her to rise, and step from the tub. Rising she was helped by him to steady herself and to step from it as he wrapped the towel about her, leading her to the bedroom, removing the towel, and laying her upon the bed, he spread her legs wide, and stepped back, leaving her in this position as he released himself from his tight jeans, stroking it as he watched her laying there, the man in the corner releasing himself as well stroking also as he watched her laying there , wanting to touch her as well, as the other man finished undressing he, reached to play with her nipples, watching for her reaction, sliding his tongue across her nipples and sliding his fingers across her clit, feeling the excitement that seem to surround her, sliding his finger in her moist pussy, as he motioned for the other to replace his fingers with his own, the man doing as instructed, he slid his finger inside of her, finding her moist, and tight, he leans over to slide his tongue across her clit as his other hand is at her breast and playing with her now hard nipples, that are begging for his attention, finding that he enjoyed the taste of her, he dived into her pussy licking and driving his tongue into her dark wet hole, fucking her with his tongue, as she lay there moaning and now placing her hands upon his head as though encouraging him to give her more , withering upon the bed moving herself closer to that wild sensation he was causing within her, moving her hips in an upward motion, begging him to make her cum, knowing she was going to cum all over his face and tongue he began to flick her clit with it and suck upon it, feeling the wetness as it came from within, covering his face as he began to lick it tasting all that she was, the man in the corner enjoying the play taking place continued to stroke his now hard cock. Moving up her body knowing he was hard and stiff, wanting to be watched as he fucked this willing and sensual woman he spead her thighs, placing the head of his 9 inch, thick cock at her enterance and pushing forward, finding her a tight fit but making him want her even more so, he began to slide into her, hearing her moan, as he did so, knowing she was enjoying the slow slide of the enterance he was taking his time with, sliding her legs a little higher for more access, he slides the rest of the way in filling her completely, just sitting there feeling her, pussy muscles tighten around him, looking to make sure the man it the corner was watching, he began to slide back and forth, slowly at first, then putting her legs higher, and getting deeper he began to move faster and harder, feeling her hands search for him as she slid her hands down across his chest, as she begins to tell him, ohhhhh yessss babyyyy harder,,,,,,,,,,, deeper give me that hard cock,,,,,,,, ride me ,,,,,,,,yessssss i want it now,,,,,,,,,, knowing with her words he wouldnt last for long he banged her hard and deeper faster, wanting the man in the corner to cum as he did, the man in the corner, stroking hard as he watched and listen to the play taking place, just when the two thought it was all but done the woman called out ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh, myyy i am cuuuuummmming yes baby give it to me now,,,,,,, with those words the two men both came one deep inside this woman and the other all over his hand shooting his load in the floor.......

The man in the corner motioning to the man, between his lovers legs, to move away, he speaks to her, telling her...........mmmmmmmmm dear that was really nice..........i must leave now, but i will be in touch..........wait 10 minutes then remove your blindfold, and clean up..............i will contact you again soon for the next game we shall play.

We will continue our game she asked, he telling her we will continue, just be prepared..............i will call or leave you a messege.....

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