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The ladies were just sitting around and talking about how boring their sex lives were becoming, wondering if they should think about stepping outside of their marriages to get the excitement they were so craving.........when there came a knock on the door and there stood a man that just seem to speak volumes without saying a word. Telling the ladies he was there to fix a telephone line, that someone had reported as not working.The lady of the house inviting him in leading him to the bedroom where the problem was located, as she stepped out of the room, she looked at her friend telling her she was definitely in the mood for some fun. Her friend asking what are you going to do, she turned to her saying what we are going to do, as the friend went back in to the livingroom the lady of the house stepped back into the bedroom and started to unbutton her blouse slowly as she began to talk to the telephone repairman, she reached the last button he turned to her to tell her there was nothing wrong with the phone service when he noticed she had undone the blouse, looking at him telling him .......ohhhh, i know there is nothing wrong with the phone but there is something wrong over here.reaching around to undo the back of here bra and sliding it from her shoulders baring her large heavy breast to him as she began to play with her nipples asking him if he seen anything wrong from where he knelt next to the bedstand where the phone was located, looking up he told her i dont see anything wrong from here, maybe i should get a closer look, as he got to his feet he went to the lady of the house as he stepped closer to her asking this is the problem not the phoneline so what would you like for me to do to fix the connection proble? placing his hand over one of her breast circling the nipple where her hand had just been playing, squeezing it as he tells her it is ohhh so nice and full, that he can just feel that nipple hardening in his palm, asking her what she would like for him to do while fixing the problem at hand, as he leans over her breast, sliding his tongue across the nipple, feeling her tremble slightly as he places his other hand over the other breast as he takes as much as he can into his mouth, as though suckling like a babe, as she places her hand to the back of his head
begging him to take that pebble hard nipple in his mouth and between his teeth nibbling it and sliding his tongue around it. Sliding his hands down her waist to her pants pushing them downwards whispering to her you want that problem taken care of call your friend in her and lets really take care of it. as he turns her around bending her over the bed, she calls out to her friend asking her to come into the room.Sliding his hard cock in to her wet,slippery pussy, he turns as the friend comes in to the room, looking at her, he asks you have a problem you would like taken care of also..... as he watches her watch him sliding deep into her friends wet pussy, noticing that she is licking her lips with every stroke. As he watched her licking her lips, he wondered what it was she was really licking her lips for..........whether it was because of his 9 in. rock hard cock or because of what she might be wanting to do to her friend. Looking over at her he tells her do what you want to really do, as she looks back at him and begins to remove her clothes, getting them all removed as she moves around her he grabs her and kisses her as his hand goes to her breast rubbing them and playing with the nipples, bending his head to take the nipple in his mouth as he continues to slide into her friends now wet hot pussy, as she pulls away from him she steps to the bed and lays herself upon it putting her face right in the middle of her friends breast reaching up to play with her hard nipples as she slides her tongue around those nipples, a secret desire she had kept hidden for to long, reaching her arm above her head and reaching for the friends hard wet clit, she puts her fingers upon it letting them slide across it as she checks to make sure there is no protest from her. Noticing there is not protest for he man behind her is pounding her hard and deeper than before, she continues to play with her clit as the friend is now in the throws of a organasm that is beyond control. Knowing the friend is going to cum she plays with her clit more as she sucks upon the hard nipples, the man watching everything she is doing begins to fuck the woman real slow but deep, wanting to watch the play that is going on from the front. Deciding he is wants some of the friend also he withdraws from the lady of the house and moves to the bed, moving himself between the friends legs spreading her wide allowing him access to her pink wet pussy, first sliding his finger gently down her slit, watching as his finger dips further into it finding her large clit easily, playing with it gently finding it beginning to harden just a bit, wanting to taste her, he places his tongue into her pussy finding the clit beginning to let his tongue slide across her clit, beginning to let it glide across it as he works it with his tongue and nipping at it with his teeth gently then sucking on it, while he moves first one finger then another in and out of her hole......continuing with this, he looks and finds the the lady of the house has moved to take his hard cock into her mouth, looking up at him as though asking permission to do so, he smiles , and continues with the friend as the lady of the house begins to slide her tongue around his hard cock, working it first with her hand , then moving her mouth down over him taking his whole cock deep into her mouth as her hand fondles his balls, as he continues eating the friends pussy, now sliding his tongue deep into your pussy as he tongue fucks her, hearing her moans of pleasure he does deeper, feeling himself getting close to cumming, he stops the lady of the house, turning the friend over placing her on her knees he checks to make sure she is wet enough for what he is wanting to do to her..... finding her really nice and wet he slides into her pussy for a couple of minutes feeling his hard cock is wet from her juices, he pulls out of her pussy and spreads her ass cheeks as he begins to press the head of his cock against her asshole gently to make sure she is ready for him, continuing slowly , finding she is not stopping him he continues sliding further into her. Getting into her completely he begins to move sliding in and out of her until he has her ready for more, seeing that the lady of the house has moved to take the friends tits into her hot, wet mouth, and now sliding her finger into the friends wet, wet pussy fingering her as he fucks her ass, beginning to move in and out faster, harder, and deeper than before, he feels her tightening around his cock........ as she meets his every thrust taking all he has to offer...moaning and whimpering as her organism begins to take her over from being fingered by her friend and the repairman fucking her deeply, knowing that she is going to cum the repairman tells the lady of the house to move down to the friends pussy slide her tongue into her and take her cum ...........following the repairmans instructions she moves down and slides her tongue into her friends pussy, licking at the clit and her hole as she begins to cum, catching every drop as her friend withered from the long organism that wracked her body. The man realizing he had accomplish one connection he moved back to the lady of the house and placed her on her knees and slid deep into her hot wet pussy, pounding her hard and deep, hearing her moans and the grunting sounds as he pounded her deep and harder..........feeling her tighten around him he knew this time he would cum, he could hold back no longer, as he continue to fuck her wet hot pussy he felt her begin to cum, feeling that wetness surrounding his hard cock, caused him to take one more long stroke, cumming deep in her pussy.......all laying there for a moment, each moving to dress, the repairman looks at the ladies and tells them .................hey next time you want that phone me and ask for me, i be here to fix that connection problem again.
The repairman leaving knowing that was one connection problem that had been fun to fix, the ladies looking at each other knowing there would be more repairmen in their futures either as a team or alone......they had found the excitement they were seeking, and knew that they would want to find more as time went by.

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8/26/2005 5:08 am

That was a great story (fiction). Keep them cumming.

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